These Bootcut Yoga Pants Are All the Rage Among Thousands of Amazon Shoppers
9th January 2021

New year, new wardrobe, right? Not so fast. We may have left 2020 behind, but comfy loungewear is sticking around for the foreseeable future. And if you're looking for even more cozy pieces for your closet, look at recommendations from Amazon shoppers. They've crowned these bootcut yoga pants from Heathyoga "the softest in the world" — and they're a steal at just $30. 

The ultra-soft yoga pants have a polyester and spandex fabric blend that effortlessly wicks away sweat and doesn't constrict, allowing you to move freely. Many shoppers describe their fit as very flattering thanks to the high-rise waistband, and each pair has two side pockets that securely hold your items. 

What's more, you can alter these yoga pants to your preferred inseam length all on your own; simply pick a spot at the bottom of the pants and trim. Don't worry, they won't lose their bootcut shape in the process. 

Buy It! Heathyoga Bootcut Yoga Pants, $19.95–$29.95;

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have left rave reviews for the pants, with many noting that they've ordered numerous pairs since buying their first.

"I'm a yoga pant connoisseur," shared one reviewer. "I have over 100 pairs of yoga pants and leggings. Trust me. These are the SOFTEST yoga pants that have pockets in the WORLD. I have spent thousands of dollars in search of the perfect pants, and these are the ones you are searching for. Stop scrolling and buy these pants!"

These are "so good, I came back to buy a second pair the day after I got my first pair," another said. "I have very long legs and am used to every pair of pants being too short for me, but these touch the tops of my feet. They're incredibly comfy, and don't look at all like loungewear. I wear them to work every day and no one notices that I'm not wearing slacks. Absolutely my favorite pants in my whole wardrobe."

Don't hesitate — the Heathyoga yoga pants are available in 13 different colors on Amazon, and each pair is $30 or less. Sizes range from XS to XXL. 

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