The most unflattering belt of the 2000s is back at Urban Outfitters – and people are horrified | The Sun
4th September 2023

STYLE fans have been left totally horrified after spotting a Y2K-inspired belt at Urban Outfitters – and some say they feel triggered.

This happened after one fashionista, Coco Khan, took to X – also known as Twitter – to share a snap of the pricey find she had stumbled across on the brand's website.

The UO Large Concho Belt was priced at £36 and came with ''soft leather discs and metal eyelets studded throughout the once-popular Y2K accessory.

Shoppers, who can pair the buy with low-rise bottoms or a skirt, can also pick between three colours – these include brown, black and white.

The round leather discs also come with ''cowboy-ready'' embellishments on the metal elements, the models on the fashion ad revealed.

However, the trend, once loved and adored by celebs on runways decades ago, didn't appear to be a hit on social media, where fashion fans were mortified.


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After seeing Urban Outfitters selling this item for an eye-watering £36, Chloe wrote in her post: ''*screams in ageing millennial*.

''What in the y2k is this?! The 00s most unflattering belt is back at urban outfitter for…. £36.''

The tweet soon garnered quite the attention, winning dozens of reposts, hundreds of likes and numerous responses.

''Wore mine with a long linen skirt when I entered my Sienna Miller era LOL, what a time,'' one X user said.

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Someone else chimed in: ''Getting so triggered.

''The super low-rise jeans, though. Nothing beats their beastly ways.''


''I could never understand why girls wore this over a long tight T-shirt,'' a bloke penned.

As internet users soon came to learn, the high street brand was not the only one to desperately try to reintroduce this trend back into our lives.

''Couldn't believe when I saw these in H&M last week,'' a fashionista replied, sharing a snap of the infamous belt.

''Swear these were £5 from Primark and New Look way back then?'' a shopper was stunned by the high prices.

However, whilst the Noughties came with some questionable trends, recent research by found that searches for “Y2K top” increased by a whopping 950 per cent in the last year.

The ever-growing appetite for this has also been evident on the high street, where fast fashion brands, like Zara, do everything to satisfy the hungry customers.

One shopper, for instance, recently came across a top that instantly brought back memories of the early 00s – this was complete with an in-built necklace around the top half.

Another garment that the Spanish-based Zara shocked its shoppers with not so long ago was the so-called popcorn top.

Now running with a slightly different name, their Creased Top with Raised design retails for £19.99 and is available in a wide range of colours.

The 2000s-inspired garment has already taken TikTok by storm, with fashion lovers left unpleasantly surprised by seeing it in stores again.

One of those who was stunned when spotting it was social media user Erin Miller (@overthemoonfaraway).

Perhaps overwhelmed by nostalgia, she decided to order the top and shared the reaction to her 2million fans on the platform.

After opening the package, the style lover was in for a surprise, realising just how teeny the garment was.

Posing with the top, which she had purchased in a vibrant lime green, Erin said in her video: ''As big as my palm…

''I really hate the texture,'' she added once the cropped piece of clothing was on.

It wasn't just Erin who wasn't the biggest fan of the style item – over a thousand people flocked to comments in sheer horror.

''No, please don't bring these back,'' one begged.

''The colour is beautiful on you. But I hate those shirts so much,'' another added.

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A third shared their mortifying story: ''I remember I had a yellow one and someone told me I looked like a big bird and I never wore a popcorn shirt again.''

Someone else reckoned: ''OMG that's one thing I would've been fine with not coming back.''

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