The Best Outfits to Wear on a Date — Tried and Tested
7th December 2018

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Have you ever wondered what your SO actually thinks about your new overalls? And what about when you’re getting ready for a dinner date, but you’re just not sure what dress will really bring the wow factor? It can be tough to create a look your partner loves and you’re into, too — and frankly, sometimes we don’t really care about appearing “sexy” or getting approval from the guy or gal sitting across the table.

But for the days you do want to make a good impression, we tapped our own editors and asked them to check in with their nearest and dearest. The result? A lengthy, helpful, and oftentimes hilarious list of outfits the men in our lives just can’t get enough of. Some of these (totally unedited) responses will surprise you, some won’t at all, and others just might inspire you. Read on for 18 styling tips, straight from our SOs.

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