The £600 uniform worn by Kate Middleton’s nanny – ‘you have to really want to be a nanny’
1st November 2021

The Royals at Princess Charlotte's christening

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When Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis appear in public they are usually very well-behaved. The Cambridge children stand sensibly next to their parents, beautifully dressed, and wave at the crowds. While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to be very hands-on parents, the family do have a useful asset.

The family’s nanny has worked with the Cambridges’ since 2014 and received her training at one of the UK’s most prestigious schools.

This is known because she is always pictured wearing her uniform at important events.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo is the nanny to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

She began working for the family when George was eight months old in 2014.

The Spanish native is from the city of Palencia and received her formal training at the prestigious Norland College, located in Bath.

The college website reads: “Norland offers world-class training to those aspiring to be the very best professional childcare practitioners.”

The Norland Nanny agency has placed nannies across the UK since 1892 and despite no longer being a student, the Cambridge family’s nanny is still pictured wearing her official uniform.

The family’s nanny made headlines during Princess Charlotte’s christening in July 2015 for wearing her Norland uniform to the service.

She was pictured in her beige crested dress and brown hat outside the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Norfolk talking to various members of the family.

The Norland uniform includes many compulsory and optional items, all of which add to the iconic look of the famous school.

From the bespoke Norland tweed blazer to the brown gloves, the total cost of the compulsory uniform for female students comes to almost £600, according to the official website.

While the costs of the school are quite considerable, the benefits that the students receive upon leaving are impressive.

Louenna Hood is one such ‘Norland nanny’ who trained at the Norland College and spoke exclusively to about why Norland College is the best place to train as a nanny and offered top quality childcare.

Louenna said: “Norland College is a really tough course and I think you have to really want to be a nanny to finish the course.

“It shows childcare is really your passion and I personally I do not think there is another course like it in the world.

“I actually went to university after my A-Levels do Early Childhood Studies and I always knew that I wanted to be a nanny, but there is no practical training side to it at university at all.

“So that is why I switched to Norland College because you get that practical side throughout your whole training there, so it perfectly sets you up.

“When I was there a lot of the lecturers there were ‘Norlanders’ themselves so they had all the experience and I loved learning from them.

“It offers such an all-round curriculum because as a nanny you are cooking and doing things that are really important, and no other childcare courses cover all of that.”

Kate Middleton has been praised by many parenting experts who appreciate her mothering skills, for example bending down to a child’s level to talk to them, and interacting with them positively.

George, Charlotte, and Louis will undoubtedly benefit from the added bonus of a Norland nanny inside the house, helping to raise the little ones.

Louenna added: “99 percent of people have a baby and have probably never held a baby before.

“So if you have someone like me who is trained and has done it so many times before, just having that guiding hand is going to be really helpful.

“No matter who I have worked for, all they want is the very best for their child and yet until they have actually done it, they do not know how to do what’s best.

“So I would say having a guiding hand like a Norland nanny is super useful even if it is just to be on the end of the phone to answer a few questions.”

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