Taking a Closer Look at the New Rolex 2020 Submariner Releases
4th September 2020

Less than a week since their introduction, the new 2020 Rolex watches have already begun popping up online and at authorized dealers. While the show was largely stolen by Rolex’s efforts in grabbing a younger/new watch consumer with its colorful Oyster Perpetual releases, the mainstay Submariner was met with its share of updates.

Gone now is the green-on-green “Hulk” Sub and the blue dial-blue bezel white-gold “Smurf,” both being replaced by an updated Cerachrom ceramic “Kermit” (many have already adopted this as the “Starbucks” Sub and I am fully on board), and blue ceramic-black dial white gold Sub (I would love for this to be called the “BMW” or “Bavaria” Sub). Many raised their eyebrows at the 1mm size increase but were quickly calmed when a side-by-side comparison shot was shown. Yes, the watch is larger, but with more tapered lugs and better bezel-to-case proportions.

If you aren’t interested in the superficial qualities of the updated Submariners than the updated movement should do the trick. Now equipped with either the Rolex-developed 3230 (ref. 124060 no date) or 3235 movements (ref. 126610LN date), the Subs now see a 70-hour power reserve and Chronergy escapement with Parachrom hairspring.

Prices for the new range of Rolex Submariners can be found below. Take a Closer Look at the watches above and let us know what your thoughts are on the new range of watches.

Submariner No-Date – $8,100 USD
Submariner Date – $9,150 USD
Submariner Date Green/Black – $9,550 USD
Submariner Date Two-Tone Blue – $14,300 USD
Submariner Date White Gold Blue/Black – $36,950 USD

In other watch news, Timex Q releases new watch colors for Fall Winter 2020.
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