Seven issues that could rock Queen's Jubilee – from Harry and Meghan's balcony appearance to Prince Andrew's attendance
22nd April 2022

SHE'S Britain's longest-reigning monarch, so it's only right the Queen's Platinum Jubilee is set to be one of the biggest royal celebrations the country has ever seen.

Her Majesty, who turned 96 this week, is celebrating 70 years on the throne – the first time any British royal has reached the historic milestone.

Public celebrations and a long four-day weekend in June will mark the Queen's remarkable reign.

But while that much is certain, there are plenty of questions swirling around whether Prince Harry will attend and what events we can expect to see the Queen at.

With the help of Royal Biographer Ingrid Seward, here we take a look at seven of the biggest questions which could threaten toupcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations…

Will the Queen be forced to skip events?

All the stops are being pulled out to ensure the Queen can attend the Epsom Derby on her Jubilee in an attempt to make the “ultimate fairytale ending” come true.


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It's an event the Queen will be desperate to attend.

Ingrid says: "She probably won't go down and hand out the prize like she usually would, but I think she will be there.

"The derby is something she would really want to go to, and they will have made plans for her to be there but they will have an alternative plan for her to getting to the royal box.

There'll be a big family turnout for this, and that will have always been planned.

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"When it comes to the Trooping The Colour, Charles might have to take the salute.

"I can't see she would be very comfortable sitting or standing in one place for that long.

"She will be visible in some form I feel, but maybe just on the balcony."

Will Her Majesty be troubled by mobility issues?

The general rule now is the Queen will not attend events unless confirmed by the Palace on the day, it is claimed, following mobility struggle issues.

This of course calls into question what her ability will be like on the weekend of the Jubilee.

Ingrid says: "We know she's got a mobility scooter.

"I don't see why she wouldn't use it publicly, but I understand she has some reservations about doing so as she feels it shows her in a vulnerable light.

"As monarch she just doesn't want to look vulnerable.

"Everyone around her, they will have thought everything through, and how she arrives. It depends on how mobile she is on the day."

Will Harry and Meghan steal show with balcony appearance?

Recent reports suggested Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could be "invited to join the Royal Family on the balcony" at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Sources claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may join the royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the RAF flypast after receiving an invite.

However, Ingrid doesn't believe this will happen.

She says: "I don't think for one moment Harry and Meghan will attend.

"He says he doesn't know, but he's got an ongoing legal wrangle over security and I think that might stop him going at all.

"I don't think Harry will want to stand on the balcony after the trooping of the colour without his uniform.

"It's a very big military parade and I feel it would just rub it in that he doesn't have any military appointment.

"I feel Harry wouldn't want to get involved with it.

"With Harry things can always change.

"I'm sure they'll turn up at some stage and bring the great-grandchildren, but I would be surprised if it was over the Jubilee and if they do see the Queen I wouldn't have thought it would be public."

Will disgraced Prince Andrew cause storm by attending events?

Eyebrows were raised when Prince Andrew took centre stage and walked alongside his mother at the thanksgiving service for Prince Philip last month.

The move led to sources claiming Andrew felt “emboldened” by his role supporting the Queen at the Abbey – and led to speculation he could play a larger than anticipated role at the Jubilee.

However, Ingrid says: "I don't think we'll see much of Prince Andrew.

"He's had to relinquish his military titles, so I think it would be humiliating for him to appear on the balcony in plain clothes.

"I think the Queen would love to have him there but she is sensitive to public opinion, and the opinion after Prince Philip's memorial was not good.

"She tried it and it didn't go down very well so I rather doubt she'll try it again.

"If her subjects don't want him there, he won't be there."

Will Prince Harry and Wills be able to bury the hatchet?

Sadly, with rumours rife of friction among some of the royals, namely once-close brothers Harry and Prince William, some of the excitement has been overshadowed.

Which begs the question – will the family try and put it behind them, with an olive branch offered to quell the rumours?

It's unlikely. Ingrid says: "I don't think they'll do anything.

"If Harry lived in this country I'm sure it would be resolved in some way or other. It's very difficult to come over here and find the right moment to have that conversation.

"Prince Harry has already sent all the messages he wants to send – his popularity is very much in the wain and I think people feel he's treated his grandmother without very much respect.

"It may not be the case but it looks very much like he was using her for his own glorification.

"I don't know if he takes a lot of advice [now] but he never used to take any advice and I just don't think he really thinks about the consequences of his actions.

"He's always been like that."

Will future King Charles be handed the reins?

As future king, Prince Charles is expected to take a central role in events, and he is expected to give a speech, thanking his mother for her life-long service to the Crown and country.

It will be an opportunity for the Queen to lay the foundations for his eventual reign.

Ingrid says: "Prince Charles and Camilla will be very prominent in these celebrations and it will be an opportunity for Prince Charles and his mother to be seen together in a very public situation."

Will the Queen skip family celebrations?

There are set to be hundreds of street parties up and down the country, but will the Queen have her own party?

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Ingrid says: "They do have their own celebrations usually too, but it's always very private.

"On this particular weekend I don't know if they will however, as she's likely to be very tired."

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