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19th March 2023

OUR wonderful astrologer died this week after a short illness.

Ever the professional, she had provided several horoscopes early to meet our production needs and we will continue to publish them.


OCT 24 – NOV 22

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Wedding bells may ring this week – but in a place or for partners you may not expect.

This marks a new phase of love that’s exciting and unpredictable.

And you are at the very heart of it.

A moon of work opportunities and fresh health starts, gives you extra energy when you need it, but also helps you know (and say) when you’ve had enough. New love leads to a tall Taurus.

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SCORPIO MUM: Strong emotions and a tendency to secrecy, mean Scorpio may not be the most upfront or easy of mothers.

But she loves with ferocity, and also establishes the strong routine, and responsibility-sharing kind of home life that gives kids security to grow and flourish.

This can become too controlling sometimes, and Scorpio needs to pull back from wanting to know every detail of her child’s life.

SCORPIO CHILD: Not a youngster who welcomes or seeks change, Scorpio child thrives in a predictable environment, but equally doesn’t like to be too controlled!

Deeply emotional and quite dependent, whatever they may pretend, Scorpio can be hard to read and prone to jealousy or sibling rivalry.

But also sensitive to others’ moods, and always ready to show love, kindness and care.

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