Royal fans wrongly accuse Kate Middleton of breaking protocol by kissing the Queen
25th May 2019

EARLIER this week, Kate Middleton gave The Queen a tour around her Back to Nature exhibit which featured in this year's Chelsea Flower Show.

But rather than the Duchess of Cambridge's breathtaking garden display (which featured a waterfall and string swing) being the main point of discussion, fans were quick to focus on the informal way Kate greeted The Queen as she arrived at the show.

As she arrived for the preview, The Queen joked that William and Kate had dressed up"smart" for the occasion.

After The Queen had greeted her grandson, Kate then kissed her on both cheeks before curtsying.

However, royal fans claimed that this "informal" greeting actually "broke royal protocol".

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "The thing I noticed was the kiss came BEFORE the bow or curtsy.

"It must be how they normally do it. It's like the formal part was an afterthought. I think they forgot the cameras were there."

Similarly, another wrote: "Interesting, kisses before curtsy. I'd figure it'd be more formal first."

Despite royal watchers' fears, members of the Royal Family commonly greet each other with kisses on the cheek at more informal gatherings.

Over the years, The Queen has been greeting everyone from Zara Tindall to Prince Andrew with a quick peck on the cheek.

Meanwhile, the monarch was filmed giving Prince William a kiss at his graduation from St Andrews University in 2005.

And this greeting doesn't only extend to members of the Royal Family.

The Queen has also been photographed warmly kissing Prince Harry and Prince William's former nanny Tiggy Legge-bourke with a kiss as well as giving Queen Maxima of Holland a peck on the cheek during a Dutch state visit to the UK.

In more Royal Family news, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry "threw all-night parties" before Archie arrived, their former neighbour has claimed.

And the Royal Family Twitter account made an embarrassing spelling in a post about "Princess Eugene".

Plus Meghan Markle was snubbed by fashion designers for not being "A-list" enough, her makeup artist has claimed.

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