Remember the little boy from the movie Elf? This is what Buddy's brother Michael looks like now
5th December 2018

While star Will Ferrell is still making movies left, right and centre, what happened to the little boy who played Buddy the Elf’s brother, Michael?

Actor Daniel Tay was just 12 years old when the movie came out 15 years ago, in November 2003.

Now he is a chiselled 27-year-old and has left the world of Hollywood behind completely to dedicate his time to teaching.

Following his role in Elf, he dabbled in a few other movie roles, including the 2007 Brooklyn Rule with Freddie Prinze Jnr and some voiceover work for Grand Theft Auto.

But then his IMDb credits stop – and Daniel later headed to Yale to get a BA in Economics.

After his studies, he became an SAT instructor at Veritas Prep, a consulting company that does test preparation for graduate schools.

According to the Veritas Prep website: "While at Yale, Daniel served as a Teaching Assistant and Peer Tutor in the Department of Computer Science. He was also a recipient of the Richard U. Light Fellowship for his studies in Mandarin Chinese language.

"He believes that teaching and learning are expressions of the basic human need for mutual understanding.

"With this in mind, he works with students to cultivate relationships based in clarity, humor, structure, and respect.

"When away from SAT/ACT instruction, Daniel is a professional actor and avid writer."

Thankfully the spirit of Daniel’s character Michael lives on, as Elf is still one of the most popular Christmas movies each year.

When it was released in the US, Elf proved to be an instant festive success, grossing $220million (£164million) worldwide.

It has since inspired a Broadway show called Elf: The Musical.

However, this sinister fan theory about the Christmas film is almost guaranteed to ruin it for you.

And if this creeped you out, a slightly less unnerving fan theory is that Elf is actually a prequel to Step Brothers – and it's blowing people's minds.

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