Professional headlice remover shares worst case she's ever seen and admits head was so bad she wishes she’d WEIGHED it
25th September 2021

IT’S safe to say that nits are an absolute nightmare for many parents.

But you’ve never seen a case of nits as bad as this one.

A self-confessed "nit lady", who professionally removes lice from people's heads, has recently shared the worst case of nits she’s ever seen – and prepare to be shocked.

Sherrii, a mum-of-four from Perth, Western Australia, shared a shocking video of pictures showing the lice infestation.

Posting on TikTok to her account ‘Nitpickerperth’, she uploaded the video with advice about best practice for beating the pesky bugs.

The Australian mum removes head lice the old fashioned way – with a comb and no chemical products.

She insists that removing the head lice physically is the best way to do things, and her results speak for themselves.

Sherrii advises people: “You can remove even the worst case without shaving, please read.”

She said: “This is what untreated head lice looks like.

“I removed this case after it was constantly being reported to social services.

“I did not use head lice lotions, I did not shave it.

“This case is over 3.5 years old.

“I literally removed them all for them with water a little conditioner and a metal handle metal toothed lice comb.

“I wasn’t going to share this case on here but I need people to see an actual neglected head lice infestation.

“There were many issues within the family, I'm glad they did finally get the support they needed to get the lice issue sorted out once and for all.

“Many of my severe cases are embarrassed by their severe treatment attempts failing and it can take them a long time to finally seek outside help.

“I’m trying to prevent this.”

Sherrii advises how we can all do our bit to stop head lice cases getting this serious.

She advises: “You can help stop this too – if we stop treating head lice like a shameful taboo subject, if we talked openly about it and stopped the spreading of misinformation we could prevent we could prevent people from getting into a state like this.

“Even though it was very swollen when she arrived her scalp recovered so quickly once all the lice and nits were removed and her hair was so easy to brush.

“So many lice and nits were removed i regret not weighing them.

“Each strand was caked in nits.

“Head lice have no preference to a person’s age, sex, financial status.

“They will get into and survive fine in hair that is long/short, clean/dirty, straight, curly or wavy.

“Once weekly combing with a metal handle metal toothed lice comb as a normal and regular part of the grooming process will prevent head lice infesting your family.”


Clearly people were shocked by this video as it has racked up 311.2k views.

The video has 10.9k likes, 360 comments and has been shared almost 400 times.

Many people commented their appreciation for Sherrii for removing the nits from the poor person’s head.

One person said: “How terribly sad and miserable for this person. Thank you for helping.”

Another added: “I used to get them very bad as a child and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.”

A third commented: “You are amazing. Thank you for helping these kids! You make them feel like a million bucks.”

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