Pop into your local Morrisons to pick up fresh, British produce at affordable prices.
27th January 2022

MANY of us want to make sure we’re eating more fresh, British food, but it can be expensive!

Morrisons are here to help, though, as they offer fresh, British food which is either made by them, or made in store, all at a reasonable price.

Their Market Street counters are full to the brim with fresh produce prepared in store. For example, their in-store fishmonger prepares British fish such as Mackerel, Whole Turbot and Sardines ready for you to take home.

The Deli counter stocks all of the regional favourites, like Wyke Cheddar, Yorkshire ham and Wensleydale chasse. Whether it’s a cheeseboard for a Saturday night in, or enough for the kids’ lunchboxes, just ask the Delicatessen to cut the right size for you.

If you’re looking for a centrepiece for your Sunday roast, the in-store Butcher should be able to help you find a crowd-pleaser, like a succulent joint of British beef or pork, cut to the right size to feed your family.

Plus, find lots of new offers in-store each week, helping you stretch the pounds and pennies even further.

This week get your hands on a 2.5kg bag of British Wonky Potatoes for just 89p. Perfect for your Sunday roast or you midweek mash.

You can also pick up a Coburg Cob, made fresh every day by their in-store bakers, for just 50p. Great for sandwiches for summer picnics, or even rounds of toast on a lazy Sunday morning.

Pop into your local store and head to Market Street to pick up fresh British produce today.

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