Phillip Schofield tries out vibrating yoga pants on How to Spend It Well at Christmas – and he’s not impressed
4th December 2018

But now the telly fave has taken one for the team by testing out vibrating yoga pants in his latest show and the results leave him shaken… but not stirred.

In tonight's episode of How to Spend It Well at Christmas, 56-year-old Phillip puts smart leggings to the test to judge whether they're worth investing in this festive season.

Enlisting the help of wife Stephanie Lowe, Phil dons the skin-tight leggings – which can cost upwards of £190 – to see if they will help him reach his "full yoga potential".

The couple – who have been married for 25 years – start by syncing up the leggings with Phil's smartphone.

Stephanie then has to "plug in" her husband by placing a tracker on his inner thigh.

And there's no arguing with Phil when he says the leggings are "terribly tight"…

As the device warms up he jokes: "There is literally nothing going on in these pants."

The presenter then feels vibrations on the backs of his legs as the app gives him yoga moves to follow.

However, he's left unimpressed by the high-tech clothing.

After only a few poses, Phillip says of the design: "All it's doing is pointing out which body part you've got to move."

The star then quits after only a matter of minutes because he's "already bored".

How To Spend It Well At Christmas With Phillip Schofield airs on ITV on Tuesday November 27 at 8pm.

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