People say my wedding rings look 'cheap and tacky' – I like them, their opinions don't matter | The Sun
18th August 2023

A NEW Yorker has hit back at trolls who said her wedding rings looked "cheap and tacky."

She totally loved her unusual ring design and considered the views of her critics unimportant.

In her post, TikTok user Ileana (@ileana.justine) was responding to a comment on her platform and tackled it head-on.

“You think my rings look cheap and tacky?" she asked as she held up her wedding finger with the ring on full display.

The design was far removed from the traditional gold wedding band.

Ileana's was elaborate and intricate, with a yellow diamond at the center.

Rather than be cowed by the comments, she came back fighting.

“Good thing that literally doesn’t affect me at all," she wrote.

“Listen you’re more than welcome to have whatever opinion you want about my wedding rings. The good thing is they’re mine, not yours."

But she wasn't finished yet. “There are plenty of wedding rings that I think look cheap and tacky too and that’s why I didn’t get those ones.

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“I got rings that I like and your opinion of them doesn’t matter,” she said putting her detractor firmly in their place.

Fans were impressed with both the ring design and her response to the unkind comment.

“Your rings are literally one of the most beautiful rings I’ve ever seen. Lol jealousy is real,” reacted one commenter.

A second person said: “It’s so bizarre you have so many hate comments. This ring is beautiful”

A third person was impressed with how she dealt with it: “I love your reactions to the trolls. Kill them with kindess. But most importantly facts.”

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