People said job-hopping would ruin my career – I’ve had five jobs in two years & am on a six figure salary, here’s how | The Sun
10th June 2022

A 25-year-old who works in tech and was warned against job hopping has revealed how she's now on a six figure salary after ignoring the advice she was given.

Hannah, who is from the US and goes by the acronym @stocksandsquats on TikTok, shared a short video where she explains: "When everyone told me job-hopping would ruin my career…

Now I love my job, make six figures, have been interviewed by Forbes and Fortune about my job hops and teach others how in my six-figure job-hop guide."

In a second video, she adds: "Job-hopped through 5 jobs in 2.5 years – increased by salary from £32,000 – £92,000 ($40k to $115k)."

In a further clip, Hannah, who originally worked in a tele job and is now a senior data analyst, goes on to reveal how she got four of her tech positions.

"My first job that lead me to break into tech, I didn't find them, they found me," she explains.


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"While I was in my tele job and unsure what to do next – I'd only graduated two months earlier – a small government contracting firm found me on my college's job board."

"So if you're in college or are a recent graduate, don't underestimate the power of your college's job board."

Colleges have really strong relationships with companies and they can help you get priority entry level jobs."

She then went on to say that for her second job in tech, she used LinkedIn to look up the profile of a large government contracting firm in her area.

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"I saw they had an upcoming job fair so I went on their site, registered and attended," she explains.

"When I showed up I got interviewed by two project managers and later that day, I got two offers from those project managers to join their contracts."

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"Finally I found my third and fourth jobs on Indeed…everybody is on LinkedIn so don't go where everybody and all your competition is going."

It wasn't long before Hannah's posts were inundated with comments from inspired social media users.

"Not to mention you learn SO MUCH MORE when you job hop," wrote one.

A second commented: "Girl same!!! I’ve taken a bunch of huge swings and had a lot of short stints back to back, and they’ve led to me having my dream job!"

A third added: "If a company won’t move you forward – you must move you forward!"

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