People are only just realising that they’ve been wearing their headbands all wrong – the correct way makes so much sense | The Sun
18th October 2022

WEARING a headband seems like a pretty straightforward task but according to one woman we've been doing it wrong.

Lifestyle influencer @rose.friederike took to TikTok where she revealed the 'correct' way to wear the hair accessory. 

The popular bunny-shaped headbands can be used to hold your head back whilst washing your face or applying makeup.

But are you using it correctly?

According to Rose probably not.

Rose demonstrates that tying your headbands around your head with the ends and bow tied in front is in fact not the correct way to wear the accessory. 

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Although this creates and adorable look it isn't effective as when leaning down or forward your hair could fall over the headband and onto your face.

Rose reveals the correct way to wear your headband is to turn the headband in the opposite direction. 

She does this by turning the headband once around her neck and then pulling what we originally thought was the back of the headband up to her forehead. 

The headband should stop just in front of the hairline catching any loose stray hairs. But that's not all. 

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Those cute bunny-ear shaped ends we thought were just for decoration actually have a useful purpose. 

Each end contains a metal wire that you can easily bend. 

Rose bunches her hair and folds the ends over her hair. 

By bending each wire end over each other with your hair gripped between they act as a clasp or hairband. 

This new method means the roots of your hair are secured as well as the middle and ends. 

You can also use a hairband for extra security and simply bend the ends of your headband over your tied ponytail.

No mess and no fuss. Now your face is clear and free, ready for a good wash or make up application.

This method works great for shorter hairstyles as well.

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Followers were quick to express their shock at seeing the new headband tying secret hack. 

One commenter said "My whole life has been a lie".

You are wearing headbands wrong 😱😱😱😱 #beautyhack #headband #dontdothat #beautytips

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