People are going wild for woman's unique way of decorating her Christmas tree after she got sick of her cat attacking it | The Sun
1st December 2022

WITH December finally here, we’re all getting our decorations out. 

But one woman has already considered putting her tree away after her cat kept attacking it. 

Steph, known online as @stephenieviolet, regularly shares lifestyle content with her 157,000 followers. 

In her latest video, she is seen dismantling the bottom half of her tree after her cat Lola continued to climb in it every night. 

Now she’s been left with a ‘mini skirt Christmas tree’.  

“‘Steph, Christmas hasn’t even started yet, why are you putting your Christmas tree away?’ 


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“I’ll tell you why. Yeah, you.

“If she gets up that, I just don’t know what to do anymore. I just can’t do it.” 

During the 26-second video, the content creator is seen dismantling the bottom half of her tree. 

In part two, she shows what her tree looked like before she removed the bottom branches. 

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“I kept looking at it, thinking ‘I’m going to fix that’ and then I kept thinking, ‘what’s the point?’ 

“Because as soon as I fixed it, she’s back up there in the night. 3 am, all you hear is crash, crash, crash because she’s sat in it, climbing up it. 

“I can’t deal with it. 

“So I’m going to show you what the before was. Oh, and at 3 am every night as well you hear a bauble jingling across the floor. 

“Hmm, just wondering where my baubles are. She must have hidden them somewhere because I had like 100 baubles on that and I hear them every night. 

“Cats. But she’s my daughter at the same time. 

“This is a joke, darling. I spent hours on that.”

Fans loved Steph’s honestly, with the video gaining more than 30,000 likes. 

In the comments, other pet owners shared their similar struggles, with one writing: “I've got massive holes, flattened branches and baubles chucked all over my lounge from cat.” 

Another said: “I’m crying, the mini-skirt Christmas tree caught me off guard/” 

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Someone else added: “This has made me giggle. Sorry haha, I know I would be fuming the little sod.”  

One shared how they stop their cat from attacking the tree, commenting: “Spray it with lemon juice and water.”

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