Parents replace advent calendar sweets with multi-vitamins to trick their kids
5th December 2018

Nick Thomas, 32, and his wife Sarah Thomas, 33, were worried about their daughter India, five, snacking on chocolate every day, so decided to make her a calendar with a difference.

Both India and her little brother, Jesse, two, now think that it is normal to receive “vitamin sweets” in their Christmas countdown and do not yet realise other children usually receive chocolate.

In fact, the kids, from Southampton, get so excited about their daily treat, they wake their parents up early to open it.

Crafty Nick and Sarah even have to hide their own advent calendars, bought by relatives, so as not to give the game away that most come with chocolate.

Cute footage shows little India opening up the Christmas tree-shaped calendar, as Jesse excitedly jumps around before handing over his wrapped multi-vitamin for Nick to unwrap.

After inspecting her own multi-vitamin sweet, India says: "You can see a little monkey face on it."

When Nick asks her how it tastes, India says: "Good."

And the changes don't end with the treats – behind each door also lies a daily sticker and even a “hiding place” for a luxurious item to donate to people in need.

Nick said: "It wasn't a case of us trying to be strict with her.

"It was just one of those things where if she has loads [of chocolate] she can get a bit funny and overexcitable with sugar.

"We didn't want that to be a thing that she would end up having every day because they're so young and we need to be careful about their diet.

"We don't mind them having chocolate on occasion but every single day having chocolate would be bad.”

The parents said they were looking to do something different with the calendars, when a friend mentioned the chewy multi-vitamins.

Nick added: “[Outside of advent] we normally try and give them liquid vitamins each day. They're okay with it but they don't particularly get much joy out of taking it.

“I said to my wife, 'why don't we try them out during advent as a treat thing rather than chocolate?'

"A lot of my friends have young kids so I thought I might just share the idea out. My friends seem to think it's hilarious and genius.

"Usually we're not amazing at [remembering to] give them vitamins.

"It's one of those things where we try our best at it but the nice thing about Advent is that we'll definitely do it every day, which is good. It is a good reminder for us."

India was so excited by the upcoming advent calendar that she kept asking her dad when she could open the doors.

Nick, who is an assistant pastor, said: "One of our relatives has actually given us two chocolate Advent calendars so it may be a situation that when the kids are in bed we'll have to have ours.

"It's the typical kind of parents being hypocrites thing but it's one of those slightly awkward things where we've been given it so what do we do?”

Nick hopes the calendars will show his kids they don’t have to choose sweet things all the time just because other people do.

He said: "If they want to of course they can, but there are other creative ways of looking outside of the box and seeing an alternative way of doing something rather than just because everyone else does.

"I hope it equips them to realise there are choices in life and they will make good choices that will be right for them."

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