Parents get utterly rinsed for giving their son a totally bizarre name which people say is 'horrendous' | The Sun
12th February 2023

A COUPLE have been slammed online for the unique name they gave their newborn son.

We get it – finding the perfect name for your little one is easier said than done, but people couldn't believe what the mum and dad landed on.

It turns out the duo decided to name their baby 'Griz' and after sharing a picture of the newborn online it was quickly shared to Reddit.

Judging from the name tag the parents had made with the tot's full name 'Griz Fisher' and a picture of a bear, it's safe to assume the parents are fan of bears.

"Not even Grizzly. Just Griz," the caption of the snap said on Reddit.

In the picture the baby can be seen wearing a camouflage onesie and matching cap as he sleeps.


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People were baffled by the masculine animal-themed name and one user joked: "His first word is gonna be grrr."

A second said: "I would never do it for a real human, but I don't hate it."

And someone else jabbed: "An abhorrent "macho" name."

"So strong and tough. Wow I’m intimidated just looking at him," another user sarcastically mocked.

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Meanwhile, someone else thought the name sounded so much worse than just a bear.

They said: "Maybe it’s just me but Griz Fisher sounds a bit like sexual slang."

And other people thought the camouflage sleep suit was just as bad the the bizarre name.

One wrote: "Camouflage? Just why…?

"They'll lose it somewhere and then they'll be sorry they dressed it like that," a second joked.

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