Organised mum shares five tips you need to know to keep your kitchen cupboards tidy & it’s time to buy a label maker
19th April 2021

A SUPER organised mum has revealed the five tips she swears by for perfectly tidied kitchen cupboards and the "genius" system she uses.

Chantel Mila, from Melbourne, Australia, who has built up a following thanks to her home hacks, admits a tidy kitchen will save you both money and time.

1. Do a clean out

If you're just getting started on your pantry goals journey, the mum-of-two said you must start bu taking everything out.

Throw away anything that's out of dates and wipe down everything thoroughly – paying close attention to corners where dirt and grime might hide.

2. Label everything

Chantel reckons labelling what you have to make it easier when you're looking for something specific – and frankly, we like her thinking.

As for the containers you use, make sure they're air tight – you can also tape expiry stickers or nutritional labels to the bottom of each too.

This makes it easy to keep track of when items expire so that you're not holding on to anything past it's used by date.

3. Choose containers that are slightly too large

As well as being air tight, the mum-of-two recommends choosing containers that are slightly too large.

While it might sound odd, the reason why makes sense – it's to avoid having half-full packets of food when re-fill them.

4. Be consistent

Chantel says to use clear containers, always. Not only is it easy to see what's inside, but it looks pretty too.

"Consistency is important," she said in the clip.

"Choose clear, airtight containers that can be stacked to save space."

5. Find containers that actually fit your pantry

Vertical space is important, according to Chantel, so you must find containers that fill the space.

The result will be super pleasing to the eye and will make it look ultra polished.

"I love this!" one woman posted.

"Now I want to re-do my pantry," another added. 

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