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6th February 2023

A SAVVY mum has taken to TikTok to share how she split her sons’ room in two – and people have been left stunned by the final result. 

Carly, known online as @carlychristinex, regularly shares home hacks with her 9,800 followers. 

In a new video, she shares how she build an MDF wall to give both of her son’s some personal space – and, as a result, it’s ended up making the room look bigger. 

Sharing pictures of the room before and after her transformation, she said: “So this is what the boys’ room looked like before when they were a bit younger. 

“Then they didn’t want to watch the same TV programme or play the same computer as they got a bit older, wanted a bit more of their own space. 

“So I got all the wardrobes and chest of drawers down the left-hand side. 


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“This is my George’s side…and this is my Ronny’s side.

“And it cost me maximum £100 to build it.”

At the end of the 30-second video, Carly shows how she lined one wall with the boy’s wardrobes and chest of drawers. 

Then, in the middle of the room, she built an MDF wall to divide the space in two. 

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On either side of the wall, the boys now have their bed, TV, bedside table and an IKEA Kallax unit to give them some much-needed extra storage. 

In another reel, she shares how she built the wall, using MDF, wooden batons and No More Nails glue.  

She added: “I tried every other way to do the room but any other way, apart from the way that I’ve done it, they would have no floor space, or wouldn’t be able to have a wardrobe either. 

“I was lucky enough that both the single beds fit like that, and it was tight. 

“I went on to the Wickes website and looked at the size of MDF sheets they had already, so I didn’t have to do more cuts. 

“Measured it out, and basically there would be enough room to get through and stuff like that.” 

Alongside a picture of a wooden frame built in the centre of the room, she adds: “This is the frame I built to the exact same size as the MDF sheet. 

“Then I started to put other pieces of wood in, fixed with No More Nails and screws….to give it that support.  

“I don’t claim to be perfect or a professional, I was totally winging this the whole way through.” 

After securing the structure to the wall, Carly painted it and fitted their TVs on either side. 

Fans loved the mum’s crafty idea, with the video gaining more than 26,400 likes and 819,000 views. 

In the comments, Carly’s followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Well done. That’s just perfect.”

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Another said: “I need this in my boys' room.”

A third wrote: “Love this, we are looking for ideas to give our kids some personal space!”

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