My son had to cut his hair after his grandparents didn’t brush it for 3 WEEKS – they said boys don’t have long hair
7th March 2022

A MUM has shared the devastating video of her son having his hair cut which he had grown out for years after staying with his grandparents.

The mum posted the video on TikTok, which has since gone viral with over 24 million views.

In the clip the mum says her son was in quarantine with his grandparents for three weeks after they tested positive for coronavirus.

During that time, her 8-year-old son was reminded by his mum to brush his hair daily, but he told her he needed help with the back as he couldn't reach it.

The mum tried to tell the grandparents that he needed help but they refused after insisting 'boys shouldn't have long hair' said his mum.

The mum claims that for the three weeks he was in their care they did not help him brush his hair, resulting in the matting.

The young boy had been growing his hair out for four years and was hoping to donate it soon.

When he was finally reunited with his mum, she noticed the back of his hair was completely matted together.

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They went to a hair salon to see if it could be saved, but after twelve hours of trying to dematt his hair, they knew it had to be cut off.

To shape the hair they gave him an undercut to make it blend more seamlessly.

The centre back of his hair was all cut off, but her son wanted to keep the sides of his hair so he could still donate it to Wigs for Kids.

The mum was disgusted by her son's treatment and added: "His grandparents refused to help because of their own personal beliefs and claimed my son is to blame for his hair matting."

She wrote: "Matted hair happens from neglect and abuse! No child should have to go through this physical and emotional pain.

"The last three weeks with his grandparents have changed his life and I will never let that happen again."

Viewers who saw the video were shocked and share their condolences, one wrote: "He’s ROCKING that undercut! So sorry this happened to him… something no child should have to endure."

Another added: "I'm so sorry that happened to such a kind and thoughtful little boy! the undercut looks very cool though! I'm so glad he's going to keep growing it!"

A third person said: "My heart breaks for him. But I’m so proud of you mum for protecting your baby and advocating for him."

She replied: "I will always support my son so long as he is not hurting himself or others. He already has good moral values and I am raising a wonderful tiny human."


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