My small apartment isn't always 'aesthetic' – I hated a bathroom issue so I made a simple swap & added a Home Depot buy | The Sun
6th October 2023

THE queen of tiny home styling has admitted her small apartment isn't always "aesthetic."

Her bathroom in particular was a source of irritation but she has come up with a simple fix that she was very happy with.

All she did was make the easiest of swaps and added a Home Depot buy.

Viewers to Tina's (@smallspacebiglife) post were mightily impressed.

One described one of her suggestions as a "game changer."

Tina boasts a following of 106,000 on her TikTok, where she offers practical "tips for small spaces, minimalist style, and intentional living.”

In her video, she had a clear aim in mind: “A few recent fixes to make our bathroom more functional."

She continued: “Keeping a small space functional evolves with changing needs and stuff."

First was a simple yet obvious one.

“We swapped our towels for fast-drying ones. I hate how much time it takes for my towels to dry.

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“It makes them moldy and smelly."

So instead, she went for a towel that dried quickly.

“So these are from Parachute. They are loose-knit, lightweight waffle material.

“They feel soft like a blanket. And the best part is they dry fast. So I don’t have to constantly be hanging them over my curtain rod," she said.

Her second fix was the hanging of new hooks, from Home Depot, on her wall.

"This used to be dead space. But I realized some hooks would make it easier to hang a change of clothes when showering."

Lastly, she added some wall mounts for toothbrushes.

“We were finding the counter a bit cluttered, so we decided to move our toothbrushes.

Her solution was to fix them to the wall with little magnets by Buddy Mags.

"It just makes the space feel clearer and it’s easier to clean," she wrote.

Viewers were impressed by the little tips that could make a big difference.

"The magnets are genius," said one person.

A second agreed: “Toothbrush wall mounts are brilliant.”

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“I have these exact parachute towels and I love them too," said a third. "My bathroom is super small so it’s great."

And a fourth was already a convert to her towel idea: “Quick drying towels are a game changer.”

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