My sister named her newborn daughter after a deadly disease – it's divided opinions but she won't budge | The Sun
30th August 2022

A WOMAN who named her newborn daughter after a deadly disease has divided opinions.

One Reddit user took to the 'Am I the A**hole' section to ask for the publics' opinion after she laughed at her unborn niece's name because it sounded like bacteria.

Despite being banished from the party after making her sister cry, the woman does not feel she was in the wrong.

She said: "I have a younger sister Ella. She got married to Sam last year, and last Sunday was the baby shower. I knew she'd announce the gender and name at it, but Sam's mother arranged it so it was a surprise.

"[During the gender reveal] pink comes out and we all cheer. Ella goes, 'okay name reveal' and that's when she pulls out a baby onesie with 'Samnella' on it.

"There were a few 'woo' [noises] but [then] dead silence, and I laughed, thinking it wasn't real. Then I said 'Salmonella like food poisoning?'."

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She continued: "Sam's mum freaks out about how it's a beautiful name, Ella is screaming that I've ruined everything and the name was meant to signify the coming together of them.

"My own mother hissing that I should have kept my mouth shut, how the kid would probably go by Sammy.

"Not going to lie I left after that. I'm told the party went on but the mood was different."

The controversial Reddit user commented her sister claims people love the name, but she believes they are only being polite.

She added: "Family seems mixed on it, with a fair few agreeing Samnella does sound like salmonella, and caught off guard they'd have giggled too, but also a lot of 'well, it's her baby if she likes the name'".

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