My pals and I found random sugar daddies in Dubai…they drove us around the city and even gave us chunks of gold | The Sun
13th February 2023

A GROUP of friends got the taste of high-end life in Dubai after bumping into random sugar daddies.

David Richards, a musical theatre student from the UK, had gone abroad with his mates enjoying the sun in Dubai – but little did they know this would be a holiday they'd never forget.

At some point of their travels, the pals stumbled into a group of sugar daddies – and the rest is history.

Stunned at what was going on, David, also known as Dippy on TikTok, grabbed his phone and started recording the eventful evening.

In the now-viral video, which has been viewed close to a whopping million times, one of the sugar daddies could be seen tying David's friend's heels.

''OMG,'' the bloke chuckled in the caption.

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Then, once they had managed to stumble down the stairs, the group of young Britons sat inside a car that had a starlight roof.

Whilst being toured around the city, David and his mates were also given massive blocks of gold to hold.

The vehicle stopped by what appeared to be an entrance to a luxurious hotel before ending up on a yacht with loads of booze.

Some in hysterics, some mortified, social media users flocked to comments to share their thoughts.

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''Life on easy mode,'' one chuckled.

Someone else added: ''It’s the weighing the pure gold for me.''

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''Somebody’s husband God damn,'' a TikTok fan couldn't get over what they had just witnessed.

''time to go on holiday babes,'' a fourth begged their mate.

What is a sugar daddy and is a sugar baby the same as an escort?

Sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships have gained popularity, benefiting both young attractive people looking to make some extra cash, and rich older men after an easy relationship.

These relationships, although mutually beneficial, has been branded dangerous by some – here's everything you need to know.

What is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is a generous older man who spends lavishly on his mistress, girlfriend or boyfriend.

He's often a businessman, who considers himself too busy for conventional dating – and isn't short of a few bob.

According to Seeking Arrangement, the average sugar daddy is 45 years old – and earns a salary of £176,000.

A sugar baby, meanwhile, is normally an attractive younger woman – or a younger man – who can't afford their luxury lifestyle.

Sugar baby rakes in an average £2,300-a-month, making a comfortable annual 'salary' of £27,600.

Being a sugar baby is especially popular among university students, who turn to their 'daddy' to pay their fees.

Similarly, a "sugar mama" is a rich older woman dating younger and paying them an allowance.

How does the relationship work?

The couple will usually establish a financial agreement early on – as well as their boundaries, such as whether or not they're considering a sexual relationship.

Some sugar babies ask for a monthly allowance, while other get 'expenses' in the form of glam holidays and shopping sprees.

Mabe-Mae, 25, who has been a sugar baby since 2014, shared she got around £15k worth of gifts over the Christmas period, while others have shared Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to have a sugar daddy.

This relationship style has gained a lot of traction over the past few years.

In London, Sugar Baby Summits have been held since 2017.

Is a sugar baby the same as an escort?

Sugar babies sometimes get bad press, mainly because of the issue of sex – and how it's tied up in the financial relationship.

But the girls insist they're not the same as a prostitute or escort, and there is truth in this.

The key difference is that a sugar daddy relationship is a regular arrangement.

Where an escort might be hired for the night, or as a one-off to attend a fancy event, a sugar baby would be meeting her daddy several times a month.

Although unconventional, the sugar baby set-up is a relationship of sorts – meaning the women are very different from a call girl, no matter how high-end.

Is a sugar baby relationship safe?

Those behind sites like Seeking Arrangement, What's Your Price, Sugar Daddie and Rich Meet Beautiful insist it is safe – but how much truth is there in that?

Licensed prostitute Alex Page, from Nevada, where brothels are legal, has warned ladies against using "unsafe" sugar baby sites – after being grabbed by the hair and forced to have sex with her date.

One concern is that the sugar babies can be asked to meet at their daddy's home or a hotel room.

Others worry that a man, having not only paid for the dates but extra expenses as well, would be more likely to expect sex.

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So there are definitely some risks involved, and a sugar baby needs to be clear on her boundaries before entering into a relationship.

If sex is off the cards, make sure you're only meeting in public places – like a restaurant.

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