My neighbour keeps accusing me of parking in ‘his’ spot – I know I’m in the right, I’ll park where I want | The Sun
9th September 2022

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to complain about her male neighbour, who gets so irate when she parks in "his" parking space that he verbally abuses her.

She posted a video on the social media site about her "parking saga", admitting that she parked in the space he calls his when his girlfriend's daughter's car was left where she usually parks.

"My door knocks about 7 o clock, bang bang bang," she recalled.

"I open the door… ‘Hello, can you move your car please?’ ‘Oh, yeah, I’m just bathing the kids at the moment, I’ll move it after’.

"So, you know what it’s like putting the kids to bed, it was just a nightmare the day before going back to school.

"About an hour and a half later, banged on my door, and I mean BANGED on my door, really loud.

"I opened the door and he was standing there, really close to my face."

When he asked if her kids were "out the bath yet", she replied: "Yeah they are actually but I’m just going to stop you there. I will not be moving my car.

"There is spaces for you to park, which is just in front of my car.

"There is no point in me coming out to move my car two metres so you can park behind it, in your preferred car parking space.’"

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Concluding, she told him that it was the "end of the matter" and not to "knock my door again".

The mum then went into her kitchen to start putting her washing up away, at which point the man stood by her window and started swearing at her.

"So I’m just looking at him like, ‘Childish’," she recalled.

"Then he starts shouting abuse at me through the window, saying ‘You’re a f**king s**t you are, you’re a f**king s**t.’

"So I said, ‘Excuse me, who are you talking to? You swearing at me? You wanna f**k off you old see you next Tuesday.’"

Concluding her video, she said that the altercation hadn't put her off from parking in the man's alleged space again.

"I’ve just pulled in from work and guess who’s car isn’t there in his space," she said.

"So guess who’s gonna park in his space again today so really ruffle his feathers?

"Me! So I will be expecting a bang on the door, and I’m going to tell him exactly what I think of him again!"

In another video, she responded to people who had slammed her for telling off an "old man", as she insisted that he's only "60 odd" and "isn't a nice person".

"He’s the most vindictive, rude man you would ever meet, you would ever come across," she explained.

"He has assaulted the woman that lived in this flat before me over parking because he thinks that he owns the street.

"He doesn’t own the street… there’s no allocated parking. And I only actually parked in ‘his space’ because his girlfriend’s daughter was parked outside my entrance, where I usually park.

"Which doesn’t bother me, I park wherever.

"Even if I had to park in the bottom car park, it doesn’t bother me.

"Whoever’s here parks here, it’s just one of those things."

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