My husband made comments about my weight – for Christmas he bought me a pricey gym membership but he's the one who's fat | The Sun
27th December 2022

A WOMAN was upset with her husband for buying her a pricey gym membership and making comments about her weight.

She explained that she had an active lifestyle and wasn't out of shape at all.

The woman also said that it was her husband who was overweight.

Taking to Mumsnet, she said: "This Christmas, my husband gifted me a very expensive gym membership for 12 months.

"I am very fit and active, but simply have no time to go to the gym; my husband knows this.

"Despite being considerably overweight himself, my husband has been making pointed comments about my weight for some time (I have a BMI of 20).

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"Am I being unreasonable to be p***ed off?"

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their opinions.

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One person said: "I’d be telling him he’s a fat b****** who needs it more than you.

"I would then treat myself from the joint bank acct to something of equivalent value."

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Another said: "I'd keep it and leave the kids with him, pretend to go and go eat chocolate and read a good book for a hour once or twice a week in the car."

A third said: "Just because you have a gym membership, doesn't mean you have to go.

"You can just pretend to go and make the time by having him take over the house stuff that previously stopped you going."

Another said: "What other facilities does the gym have? Spa, sauna, jacuzzi?

"Thank him for taking on more of the household chores so you have time to attend the gym.

"Then go and enjoy the nice relaxing treat like bits of the gym as well as some time in the gym cafe with coffee and a book."

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