My friends told me to stop wearing heavy earrings but I didn't listen – I’ve paid the price and it makes me feel sick | The Sun
16th February 2023

A YOUNG woman ignored her friends’ pleas to stop wearing such heavy earrings and it cost her her earlobes.

Nicole Tjeran has a permanent rip in her ear after the weight of one pair of hoops tore through her lobe.

The 21-year-old said that it “makes her feel sick”.

Nicole still has piercings in other parts of her ear but a vertically gaping hole where her first lobe piercing used to be.

The hole is mostly obvious when she pulls her ear to the side. 

Nicole took to Tik Tok to share the experience and admitted that she should have listened to her friends when they told her to take the earrings out. 

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The video has since amassed one million views with people taking to the comments to weigh in. 

It seems she isn’t alone in the painful experience as hundreds of people shared their similar stories.

One woman penned: “This happened to me! They can fix it. 

“You can use the little stickers that go behind your ear to wear earrings in the meantime.”

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A second shared: “Girl same. 

“Recently I was wearing studs with clear backing. 

“The whole clear piece went through the hole.”

A third said: “This happened to my mam.

“She now has slits on her ears and has to wear clip ons.”

Other earring-wearers were worried they might suffer a similar fate if they continue to wear heavy hoops and jewellery.

One person penned: “What causes this?! 

“Because I wear hoops all the time! 

“I feel scared now.”

Nicole replied: “They just tore through.”

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To make her feel better about the ordeal, some people assured Nicole that the hoops at least looked good while she was able to wear them.

One said: “Okay but they were the moment.”

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