My bump was so tiny people didn't believe I was pregnant – then I gave birth to TWINS
20th July 2021

A MUM-OF-FIVE left people shocked to learn she had given birth to twins after showing off how small her bump was at 32-weeks.

The mum known as Becca found herself going viral on TikTok after she debuted her bump at nine months pregnant while expecting her fourth child.

Sharing a video to her page (@nolanohana), Becca explained that she was nearing full-term, but 'still didn't have much there' in terms of a baby bump.

She showed off her bump from the front, back and sides, leaving viewers baffled over how tiny her stomach was – especially after learning that she later welcomed not one, but two babies.

"Listen, it may not look like much from the front, it also may not look like much from the back… but from the side? It still don't look like much but we're working on it," she teased.

In a follow-up video at 35-weeks pregnant, Becca revealed she had gone into labour and surprised everyone by appearing on camera holding two babies.

She welcomed two identical twin girls five weeks early, with her new arrivals weighing 4lbs 7oz.

Still in her hospital bed, she shared: "So… who is up for an update?

"For those of you who have been following my tiny belly pregnancy updates, do I have a 35-week story for you!"

Becca joked: "I hide babies well I guess."

While pregnant she had been sharing bump updates with her followers and they were floored by the revelation.

"Girl you literally just spawned a second baby out of thin air," commented one person, while another teased: "Were you hiding one in your leg?"

For those of you who have been following my tiny belly pregnancy updates… I hide babies well I guess

Just as confused, a third person commented: "Ummm can I get an explanation how did both babies hide in there."


What those following Becca's bump journey didn't know, is that the now mum-of-five knew all along she was expecting twins.

She shared later shared on Facebook that she and her partner chose to keep the news to themselves, as they wanted it to be a surprise for everyone else when their daughters arrived.

Becca revealed: "Joshua and I have been keeping a secret from you all.

"Eight months ago we found out our 4th child was actually our 4th AND 5th. That’s right, twins! And not just twins but identical twin girls."

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