My 3-ingredient natural bug repellant is extremely potent – it keeps away mosquitoes and is animal-safe | The Sun
19th August 2023

AN Arkansas native has revealed her line of attack when it comes to summer insect invasions.

This inventive lady has created a three-ingredient natural bug repellent.

She described it as extremely potent and effective at keeping nuisance mosquitoes away.

Even better, it was safe to use around animals, she said.

A commenter from a fellow southern state was grateful for the tip.

“I’m going to try it out," she said. "The mosquitos are already trying to carry us away down here in Alabama.”

The concoction came from The Mole (@themole2005_official), who has a loyal following of 267,000 on her TikTok.

In the sweltering conditions of an Arkansas summer, she shared her bug-repellent recipe.

Back in March, she had prepared it for the mozzie season by placing orange and grapefruit peels in a jar, pouring white vinegar over it, and then leaving it all to stew for several months.

Now the bugs and mosquitoes were biting, it was time to release her magic brew.

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As she opened the jar, the aroma hit her: “Whoa, smells like an orange."

She carefully dispensed the liquid into a spray bottle already labeled "bug repel."

“That is extremely potent," she said of the aromatic mixture.

It wasn't going to harm anyone either, she said.

“This is safe on kids, in your animal’s bedding, outside on your feet, and just on your skin. It ain’t going to hurt your skin. It’s all-natural."

One commenter was already onto her recipe: “My grandmother made some with orange and lemon peels with vinegar. Smelled really good too.”

A second vowed to give it a go: “Thanks for sharing, definitely going to try this.”

“I swear you are one smart woman. Love that," said a third person.

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