Mums share their epic discounted Tesco hauls – and how they bagged a few week’s worth of food on the cheap
30th December 2020

MUMS have been sharing their bargain Tesco hauls after snapping up mountains of food on the cheap – which will feed their family for weeks. 

The supermarket has slashed the price of Christmas food, including canapes and party platters, which parents are snapping up and storing in the freezer.

Savvy shoppers have been sharing snaps of their hauls to Facebook, as they also scoured the aisles for other yellow-sticker bargains, grabbing bread, pizza and meat for a fraction of the cost. 

One mum posted a photo of her bargains – which even included shoes – as she raved about saving £60.

She said: “I never seem to get the big haul bargains but on our normal shop today in Tesco we found some.

“This lot should have come to a total of £79.48 but we paid £20.07 for this lot (we did get all our other shopping too) Saving a massive £59.41.

“Must add these are foods (except the shoes lol) we do buy so not just grabbing for the sake of bargains.”

And responding to people who noticed the shoes still have tags on them, she added: “Yes I know there are security tags on the shoes. We always do scan as you shop and the alarm went off on the way out (had a phone case tagged) so got that one removed and it didn’t go off again. 

“Forgot the shoes were right at the bottom lol. All sorted now though courtesy of a pair of wire cutters.”

Another mum filled her basket with packets of smoked salmon canapes, which were reduced from £3.15 to 32p, and 15 boxes of prawns which were slashed to just 17p each. 

She said: “Partner came back with a haul from Tesco, all freezable, £4.50 in total saved around £38.

“I did check they are all freezable and I will be ensuring I cook them thoroughly in curries etc.

“Also there were around 30-40 more boxes left after others had taken trollies full (and two hours till closing time), I understand the concern of taking from others that need it but try not to be too quick to judge or condemn!!

“Happy bargain hunting.”

Thousands of people liked the posts, as they headed down to their nearest supermarket to check the aisles for bargains. 

One mum said: “Congratulations. Love them yellow stickers!!” 

Another wrote: “Enjoy, that's an amazing haul.”

A third commented: “Wow this is a bargain.”

This mum raved: “Lovely. Prawn curry is always a winner here.”

While another added: “People are jealous…… take no notice, and I always do this and freeze them, well done to you.” 

Meanwhile this mum-of-three shows off her kids’ super-organised snack and dinner menus which she’s sorted a MONTH in advance.

And shoppers show off their Boxing Day bargains including a £65 Tu coat for just £1 & Pandora jewels down from £80 to £24.

Plus savvy shoppers show off their huge Asda kids’ clothing hauls as prices are slashed to 50p.

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