Mum sparks debate after giving her daughter a weekly blow out so she won’t think her ‘hair looked bad’ when she’s older | The Sun
19th December 2022

A MUM has sparked controversy online after revealing she gives her four-year-old daughter a weekly blow out.

The mum shared a video of it on TikTok and revealed that she didn't want her daughter to look back on photos and hate her hair.

In the video the mum said: "When you refuse to have your daughter look back at pictures and ask why her hair looked a certain way so you give her weekly blow outs."

The short clip shows the mum using a Dyson Air Wrap to give her daughter that bouncy 90s style – which she has been doing since her daughter was a baby

While her daughter looks thrilled by the bonding time with mum, many claimed she was in the wrong for using heat on her toddler's hair.

The mum often shares videos of herself navigating life as a mum on her TikTok account.


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She wrote in a comment: "Mine is 4 we’ve been doing it since she was a little baby – sometimes it’s a fight- but I just want to show her routine + to care for herself!"

The video has since gone viral with over one million views and 75k likes and people were quick to share their thoughts in the comments.

One wrote: "Or you can accept that your daughter has beautiful glossy straight hair and don‘t feed her with your insecurities."

A second person added: "It‘s better to do heatless curls so her hair don‘t get damaged."

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A third claimed: "This generation of kids is gonnna be soooooooooo spoiled."

Another commented: "Teach them young that their only value is looking pretty."

Meanwhile, a fifth jibbed: "Literally so unnecessary. Start emphasizing the wrong things as early as possible… cmon."

However, many others praised the mum for making sure her daughter learns to look after herself.

One wrote: "These comments are not it! That’s SO sweet, great quality time that she will value."

Another person added: "I looked a mess my entire school career. I wish my mom had cared."

A third penned: "Yup I will always do my daughter’s hair, my mom had no idea how to take care of mine."

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