Mum shares clever trick to dry your clothes faster without any special kit – all you need is a sheet | The Sun
13th October 2022

WITH the wet weather showing no sign of going anywhere, it's becoming increasingly difficult to dry washing without turning to a tumble dryer.

But one mum has shared a clever trick to get your clothes dry quicker – and all you need is a sheet.

"If you’re anything like me then you’re probably trying to figure out how you’re gonna get all your wet washing dry now that the wet weather is here," Jen said in a video on her TikTok page.

"Well, I've got a little hack for you.

"Take your clothes horse, pop it in front of a radiator and take a large king size sheet.

"Loop everything over, tuck it all in and you make yourself a little drying tent.

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"The hot air from the radiator gets trapped by the sheet and it dries your clothes quicker."

She added in the caption for her video: "Clothes Drying Hack!

"Now the wet weather is here here is a little hack to get your clothes drier quick if you are using a normal clothes horse."

"This is a GENIUS hack I needed," one person praised in the comments section.

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"Thank you works a charm," Jen replied.

"Love this idea!!" another added.

"Genius!" a third wrote.

But others saw a problem with Jen's hack – namely that they would have to turn the heating on for it to work.

"Ah see the assumption here is that I'm allowed to turn the heating on…" one wrote.

With Jen replying: "I’ve had it only a night for like half an hour or so but making the most of it."

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"I can put it by the radiator but it won’t be on," another added.

As someone else wrote: "Definitely don’t have the heating on.. the fire yes, the radiators? Nope."

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