Mum reveals how you can get baby clothes for a fraction of the price using clever camera hack
27th January 2021

A MUM has revealed how you could save money on your baby clothes with a very clever camera hack.

TikTok user Hadley says she picks up bargain versions of the designer clothes she likes on Ali Express, and reveals how you can do the same.

Speaking in the video she says: “This is how I get my daughter’s clothes for really cheap and it also shows you how drop shipping stores are screwing you over.”

She explains how she visits the US baby store, Lenny Lemons and picks out an outfit she likes, in this case a floral romper priced at $25 (£18) as well as $4 (£3) shipping.

Hadley then takes a screenshot of the outfit before opening her Ali Express app where she selects the camera icon and then uploads the photo she just took.

The app then shows her similar, or in this case, near identical outfits that are available to buy on Ali Express.

She explains: “Filter by orders, click one with the highest stars this one had 4.6 stars and 52 orders.

“With shipping it’s $5 so this has saved you like $20.”

While Lenny Lemons is a US site, Ali Express is in the UK, so British mums can try the trick with UK baby shops.

Fellow mums were quick to thank Hadley for her purse friendly tick.

One commented: “Girl you just opened a whole new wardrobe for my little nugget, my husband’s going to loooove this.”

“The boutiques aren’t going to like this… thank you!” added another.

However, others encouraged her to shop locally.

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