Mum refuses to wear a bra despite trolls branding her ‘sl*tty’ – she says it makes her sound promiscuous & loves it | The Sun
4th February 2023

A MUM has revealed she refuses to wear a bra despite trolls calling her ‘sl*tty’, which she loves as she reckons it makes her sounds wild and promiscuous. 

Mum-of-four Mel Watts regularly shares the realities of family life on social media, and has continued to document her life throughout the pandemic. 

Mel, from Australia, has embraced comfort and ditched her bra in recent months, like most women, but shared the vile comments she received over her look. 

The mum uploaded a snap of herself in a black top, minus a bra, along with the vicious comment where she was branded ‘sl*tty’. 

After sharing a video of herself in the outfit, one troll lashed out, saying: “Why do women not wear bras any more? 

“I mean I know you’re at home being comfortable but if you’re going to record yourself to post for social media girl put a damn bra on.

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“What’s interesting you didn’t wear a bra with your dress either which feels sl*tty to me so.

“Don’t worry I already unfollowed you.” 

Mel shared the post on Instagram, and said that at one point in her life the comment would have affected her, but now she’s able to move past it. 

The mum to Ayden, Ivie, Indie, and Sonny, said: “This may have offended me back in 2010, like that time I was told I couldn’t wear a dress in case it came off as the wrong impression….

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“But 2021 Mel thinks, let them free and by all means if you’re trying to offend me by name calling, call me a housewife that’ll p*ss me off quicker than sl*tty.

“Slutty sounds promiscuous, Adventurous and wild.

“All the things I’m currently not.”

Her defiance has racked up thousands of likes, as people praised Mel’s outlook – and backed her decision not to wear a bra. 

One person said: “You look amazing! I don’t know what she is talking about.”

Another wrote: “Why they needed to send this and then say they have already unfollowed you.

“Why not unfollow you and keep the remarks to themselves! Completely up to you what you wear or don’t wear!”

A third commented: “Who would ever wear a bra at home.”

This person joked: “What’s a bra? Lol.”

While someone else added: “Bra's are so overrated anyway. You do you!

"I love not wearing one haha so much comfier."

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