Mum issues stark warning to other parents as her 10-year-old daughter is left crying in pain after getting acrylic nails | The Sun
10th August 2023

A MUM has issued a stark warning to other parents after her decision to let her 10-year-old daughter get acrylic nails backfired in the worst possible way.

Given that it's the summer holidays, lots of children are being treated to things they wouldn't be allowed at school – such as painted nails, coloured hair or fake tattoos.

But one mum took things a step further by allowing her little girl to get long acrylic nails.

She took to TikTok several days later to share a video which showed where her daughter's nail extension had split – leaving it bloody and painful.

"Don't let your 10-year-old daughter have acrylic, long nails because this is what happens," the mum said, as she held up her daughter's hand to show the damage.

"And now she can't get it off and she's crying in pain – ripped her nail off."

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"I let my 10year old have acrylic nails, very long too!!" she wrote in the caption for the video.

"Snapped her nail underneath."

"Bless her hope she's ok," one person commented on the video.

To which the mum replied: "She’s been crying a lot."

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In another video, the mum revealed the nails had been ripped off after they got trapped in a door.

And things had gone from bad to worse after they got infected.

"So she needs to be on antibiotics, yet again," she added, writing over the top of the video: "She won't be having them again".

People were quick to comment on the video, with many slamming the parent for agreeing to let her daughter have the nails.

"Your own fault for allowing a 10 year old to wear acrylic nails," one wrote.

"Lesson learnt."

To which the mum replied: "She wanted them begged for them I finally agreed and warned her about having them long etc.

"You’ll find it’s lesson learned for her, she never wants them again."

"You shouldn't be letting her you're her 'parent' stick to your guns," another said.

"She's took you for a right mug."

"That's bad," a third wrote.

"But tbh she shouldn’t be having them coz her nails are fragile as it is.

"Just a honest suggestion hun, not judging. Hope she recovers soon."

"My 12yr old daughter bagged me I give in & she caught the nail & it ripped her whole nail off underneath! Never again," someone else admitted.

But others insisted they didn't see what the problem was with a 10-year-old having acrylics.

"My daughter stater having her nails done at 10 – she has them done every school holidays.

"Why is there so much negative comment in here? She's a girl for goodness sake."

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With one person replying: "Because (I’m a nail tech) they aren’t suitable for children and insurance doesn’t cover them.

"They are made from chemicals."

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