Mum criticised for ‘embarrassing’ hamper she makes for her son 16th’s birthday stuffed full of condoms and lube
17th April 2022

WHEN it comes to the birds and the bees, some parents are more open with their children than others. 

This mum shocked thousands, however, when she shared a clip of her son’s 16th birthday present, which included tons of condoms and even lubricant.

The mum and Tiktok user, who goes by the username @jadamson98, shared a clip of herself packing her son a hamper full of products to make sure that he’s having safe, hygienic and enjoyable sex.

She specifies that her son is turning the legal age of consent, and she wants to make sure that he’s safe if he’s going to have sex.

In the video, she says: “Sixteen means wipes, protection, more protection.

“I’m a young mum, so make sure there’s more protection.”

She says she’s ok with him being sexually active.

“Maybe he wants to experience, and that’s ok”, she explains.

The video has reached over a million people, but not all commenters were on board with the mum’s sex-positive attitude.

“I’d literally run away from home”, wrote one horrified viewer.

Another said: “I’d die of embarrassment right then and there if my mum handed me this.”

“I’m sorry but the lube, I would actually never be able to look at my parents the same way”, wrote a third.

Some, however, totally agreed with the mum’s approach.

“Y’all forgetting that some people have good relationships with their parents where you can joke about stuff like this without it being weird”, said one supportive viewer.

Another wrote: “At least he’s protected, better than getting an STD or a baby.”

“It might be embarrassing, but it’s definitely better than being a teen parent! Good job!”, wrote a third. 

One argued: "This is great parenting, I don't understand why people are complaining! It's better to be safe than sorry, she can't stop him doing that."

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