Mrs Hinch fans go wild over a 95p trick to remove gross mould from your bathroom sealant and grout with no scrubbing | The Sun
27th January 2023

FANS of the cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared their hacks for banishing mould from bathroom sealant and grout.

Black mould build-up in the bathroom is almost impossible to get rid of, but luckily cleaning enthusiasts have revealed a few hacks to tackle this issue – and one trick costs just 95p.

Fed up of the dire state of her sealant and grout, one fan of the cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch took to Facebook to seek help.

“How can you get mould off bath sealant and grout?” wondered Helen Richards.

The post, uploaded on the popular Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page, received dozens of comments and recommendations from fellow cleaning enthusiasts.

And whilst many advised to stick to natural remedies, others insisted they'd take too long to combat the issue – and thus, Helen would need to purchase a specific mould remover.

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There were quite a few suggestions, but one product that kept cropping up in the comments was the Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster.

Sharing a snap of the spray, Claire Bateman wrote: “This stuff. It’s amazing.

''Spray on, leave overnight, rinse the next morning – I actually couldn't believe it.”

Noreen Timmis recommended: “Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster, just spray all over and it just vanishes within a couple of hours, no need to scrub anything.”

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“Astonish mould spray is bloody amazing. It works on both of these areas,'' wrote Tina Collum.

The miracle product retails for 95p at Wilko, but if there's not one nearby, you can also purchase it at local supermarkets, for example, such as Asda and Morrisons for £1.25.

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Recently, a cleaning whizz claimed you can use regular household bleach to tackle this issue – and it'll cost you just 2p.

The game changer of a trick was shared by Afia (@Afelia's Kitchen) on Instagram and it's bound to become a staple in your home too.

''I've never had problems with mould before but we recently had a flood underneath our shower room and the excess damp caused the sealant to go mouldy in such a bad way, I needed a quick and cost effective solution and this 100% WORKS!!'' Afia claimed.

According to the cleaning fan – and foodie – all you need is regular household bleach, some tissue paper and a splash of water.

Before you set off to transform the bathroom, make sure you're wearing rubber gloves to protect your skin from any hash chemicals.

Start by lining sealant with pieces of toilet paper before wetting it with water.

Once done, pour over a generous amount of thick bleach and leave it do its magic overnight.

''In the morning, the mould will be gone,'' Afia demonstrated the jaw-dropping results in her video.

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However, she also warned that the hack is only a temporary solution.

''This is a quick fix but if the problem persists you really should get the sealant replaced and get the underlying cause seen to, to make sure you aren't leaving anything unseen left to worsen.''

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