Model slams Boohoo for size 14 trousers that ‘barely fit around’ her thigh
14th December 2018

Ellie Berwick, 19, from Yorkshire, slammed the online store as “delusional” and questioned the body standards they are setting for young, impressionable girls.

Ellie had ordered a pair of black cargo trousers that came with a chain attachment, but was left shocked as the whole pair barely fit one of her legs.

Taking to Twitter, she slammed the brand for their sizing and uploaded photos of her struggle.

She wrote: “If you think this is in ANY way, shape or form a size 14 then you are actually delusional what kind of standards are you setting for young, impressionable girls when this absolute monstrosity barely fits round ONE of my thighs.”

Ellie revealed that when she took the trousers out of their bag, her mum questioned if she had brought the right size as they looked so small.

She added: “Universally a 14 should be a 34 waist which is what I measure at, the trousers I got were supposedly a size 14-16 and they only just fit around one of my thighs which I think is ridiculous!

“Women face a sizeable challenge when it comes to finding clothes that fit on and can often leave fitting rooms feeling frustrated.”

A recent test by Good Morning Britain revealed that 83 per cent of women are forced to buy a larger size in certain stores.

Meanwhile, one in three women say doing so has negative impact on their self-esteem.

Ellie said Boohoo were quick at resolving the problem after being informed of the issue and refunded her after she returned the trousers and also gave her a £5 voucher to spend on the website.

Boohoo has been contacted by the Sun Online for comment.

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