Meghan Markle preached about ‘avoiding drama’, NEVER settling & ‘wiggling in a pencil skirt’ in tips on getting ahead
12th October 2021

MEGHAN Markle preached about “avoiding drama”, never settling and “wiggling around in a pencil skirt” in an unearthed interview about how to get ahead. 

When she was starring in hit TV show Suits, Meghan, who played the character of Rachel Zane, revealed her top tips for being a “girl boss”. 

In 2015, before she met Prince Harry, Meghan spoke to InStyle, and said: “I think the biggest part of being a girl boss in the office, at home, or anywhere you go is just knowing your value.

“It's important to flex your intellectual prowess, even if you're wiggling around in a pencil skirt.”

She also advised to dress for the “part you want, not the part you have.”

Meghan then gave nine top tips to taking charge and being a power player…

1) Say no

Meghan said that as she has got older, she has become more comfortable in saying “no”, and claimed it is as valuable as saying yes.

She added that this comes from being comfortable in your own skin and knowing your value. 

2) Delegate tasks

Meghan also advised that you should feel able to pass tasks on that you simply can’t do yourself. 

She said it is vital to build a strong team around you, as this will help you achieve a “higher level of success.”

3) Avoid drama

Meghan said that you should never get involved in work politics. 

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She said: “I think in life and in the office, it’s best to stay out of the drama. You’ll be endlessly happier for it. If you want to do that, save that for drinks after work with your girlfriends."

4) Take meditation breaks

The former actress advised finding “balance in your life”, and stressed the importance of taking lunch breaks. 

She said that between working on her website, filming for Suits and being at home, she loved doing yoga or switching off to meditate.

5) Make sure your wardrobe fits

She said that in order to look polished, you need to make sure your clothes have the right fit.

She said it doesn’t matter if your clothes are “budget or high-end”, as long as they are tailored to you.

6) Stick to your favourite pieces

Meghan said that if you have a key item of clothing that makes you feel “badass” you should try and wear it on days you need a boost. 

She said it can “shift the energy” of a whole day.

7) Repeat outfits

The US actress said that she loves to invest in classic pieces that she can rewear over time.

She stressed that you should aim to invest in high quality items that you can keep forever. 


8) Get the balance between classy and cute

Meghan said that she follows a “golden rule” of never showing her cleavage or too much leg at the same time.

She advised that if someone wears a low-cut top, they should balance this out with a skirt that falls to the knee. 

And on the flip side, if a person likes to display their legs, their top should be covered up. 

She said forcing “sexiness” in your outfit means you aren’t taken “seriously in the same way.”

9) Wear colours that do the talking

She said that sometimes clothes can be a reflection of how you are feeling. 

Meghan pointed out that when she was in Suits, Rachel’s clothes mirrored her emotional arc. 

This would include blush tones for when Rachel was falling in love with Mike, and she would wear charcoal for when she meant business.

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