Meghan Markle news – Fans all saying same thing about 'embarrassed' Prince Harry as Meg publicly wipes his face
23rd May 2022

HARRY & Meghan fans are saying the same thing after an "embarrassed" Prince Harry had his face wiped by Meghan in public.

A new clip shows the Duchess, who is wearing an enormous black sunhat, congratulating her husband's team by kissing him on the cheek.

Footage shows Meghan giving each player a continental-style kiss on each cheek before planting a smooch on Harry's lips as the prince leans in.

She was wearing red lipstick at the time and appeared to notice that some of it had transferred during the kiss.

But she gvave Harry's lips a wipe with her fingers in an intimate moment watched by the crowd of spectators – leaving Harry looking agitated.

Royal biographer Angela Levin claimed the stunt was “embarrassing” for the Duke.

Ms Levin tweeted: “Why did M wipe Harry's face when it's prize giving time? How embarrassing for him.”

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    Who will appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony?

    Joining the Queen on the balcony will be the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Earl and Countess of Wessex, and the Princess Royal.

    The momentous line-up also includes the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence.

    And they will stand alongside Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and the Wessexes’ children Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, for the historic occasion.

    The Sussexes and the Duke of York will, however, still attend other events, but it is not yet known which.

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    Meghan’s sister calls for Duchess to be grilled by lawyer

    Samantha Markle claims her reputation was wrecked during Meghan’s feud with the Royal family, adding fuel to their bitter deformation row. 

    The Duchess’ 57-year-old half-sister has called on legal eagles to spend up to seven hours quizzing the royal.

    Samantha is currently seeking £60,000 in damages and alleges she’s the victim of false and malicious statements.

    She has accused Meghan of concocting a “false narrative and fairy-tale life story”.

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    Harry accused of ‘destroying the Royal Family’

    A royal commentator has accused Prince Harry of being “determined to destroy” the Royal Family – even going as far to claim the Duke and Duchess of Sussex cannot be trusted.

    Angela Levin, has claimed it is “very difficult” to know what the couple are going to do during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, because Harry is “determined to destroy” the Firm after he made the to leave in 2020.

    Ms Levin told The Sun: “You cant trust them, it’s very difficult to know what they’re going to do. Harry has now left the Royal Family and I think he is determined to destroy it.”

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    Australia elects anti-Queen left wing PM Anthony Albanese 

    AUSTRALIA has elected left wing Anthony Albanese as their new Prime Minister, who notoriously tried to remove the Queen as their head of state.

    The Labor leader triumphed in the turbulent election this weekend, securing his spot after vowing to tackle the cost of living crisis.

    But the 59-year-old had previously threatened to crumble the Commonwealth, sharing his desire to get rid of Her Majesty.

    Despite previously demanding the country hold a national vote on becoming a republic in 2018, there were no plans listed in Labor’s manifesto.

    The anti-royal republican instead earlier revealed the party want to prioritise bringing in an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

    But in a statement, they said it was “important that Australians have the opportunity to discuss and consider appointing an Australian head of state in the future.”

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    Inside Harry & Meghan’s glitzy lifestyle

    There can be no doubt that life as a royal has its perks – including public adulation, plenty of cash and glamorous trips abroad.

    But many aspects of such committed public service are also gruelling, and the family is surprisingly normal, choosing church services and board games at Christmas and generally staying away from glitzy parties.

    Harry’s lifestyle now is a far cry from his very traditional childhood.

    He has reportedly swapped lifelong friends for celeb pals, and regularly spends time with stars including Serena Williams, Ellen DeGeneres and Zendaya.

    Rather than attending public functions, he now meditates and does yoga in the mornings and often attends awards ceremonies during the evenings.

    Royal author Tina Brown said she believes he’ll “wake up” one day to realise he’s living in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website.

    She likened the Sussexes’ lifestyle to Paltrow’s much-mocked wellness buisness, which advises vaginal steaming and sells £122,000 gold dumbbells.

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    Prince Harry ‘unrecognisable’ to Royal family as he ‘can’t seem to stop talking’ to press

    Prince Harry has become almost ‘unrecognisable’ to his family according to a royal expert as he ‘can’t seem to stop talking’ to press.

    Since Meghan Markle and Harry finalised their royal exit with a move across to the states, the Duke of Sussex has used the press to his advantage and has wanted to “blabber to the press” about his experience.

    Speaking to 60 Minutes Australia, royal author Tina Brown discussed Harry’s contradicting attitudes towards the media.

    The host Liam Bartlett said: “He’s a strange mix, isn’t he, on one hand, he has this pathological hatred of the press and on the other hand, he’s quite happy to use them to seal the entertainment deals, to do the headline interviews, to promote his book”.

    Ms Brown said: “It’s certainly a paradox, that a man who kept saying all he wanted was privacy, now can’t seem to stop talking.

    “I think that is baffling to his family”.

    She added: “In fact, one of the things, I heard constantly from within the Royal Family, people, they said, like we don’t recognise Harry.

    “We don’t understand, you know, why he’s doing this, we don’t understand it”.

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    Harry stuck in privacy ‘paradox’

    A royal biographer has claimed that Prince Harry is stuck in a “privacy paradox” as he can’t stop talking to the press.

    On 60 minutes Australia, host Liam Barlett asked Tina Brown about the fact that despite Harry seems to hate the press, he is happy to talk to them about his upcoming book. 

    Tina Brown replied: “It’s certainly a paradox, that a man who kept saying all he wanted was privacy, now can’t seem to stop talking.

    “I think that is baffling to his family”.

    She added: “In fact, one of the things, I heard constantly from within the Royal Family, people, they said, like we don’t recognise Harry.”

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    What we know about Harry & Meghan’s Netflix series

    It was recently revealed that Harry and Meghan will reportedly allow Netflix cameras into their home for a Keeping Up With The Kardashians-style docuseries.

    According to Page Six, the Sussexes have been working with production crews for several months now – despite Meghan’s animated show Pearl being recently dumped by the platform.

    The streaming giant apparently plans to release the series at the end of the year to coincide with the publication of Harry’s bombshell memoir.

    Harry vehemently denied claims the couple would shoot a reality TV show in September 2020, and has previously said life in the Royal Family was like being in The Truman Show.

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    Prince Harry and Meghan mocked in the US

    Michael Rapaport ROASTED the ex Royals on the Wendy Williams show.

    He took the mick out of their upcoming Netflix show, comparing the pair to The Kardashians.

    The audience clapped as the comedian jibbed: “A rumour has it that they might be starting a CBD company. What’s the deal, are you guys doing? Are you money laundering?”

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