Meet the online community sharing styling tips for people with big boobs
15th August 2022

Written by Alice Porter

The Big Tittie Committee is an online space promoting healthy discussions about the way we think about our boobs.

Getting comfortable with your body is a life-long process, as is finding the clothes that you like and feel confident in. Because even though puberty is often cited as the key period in which our bodies change and develop, there are many other reasons our size and shape might change, from month to month and even week to week.

This is especially true when it comes to the boobs, an area of the body that can sometimes feel awkward to talk about. It’s normal for your boobs to change size throughout your life, with puberty, periods and pregnancy all affecting how they look and feel. In fact, research has found that your breasts will look different at various points in your menstrual cycle – a study published in Ethology and Sociobiology found that when oestrogen is low during your premenstrual week, breasts become less symmetrical.

Because of this, it can often be difficult to find the right underwear and clothes for your chest shape. But with Instagram still censoring nipples, boobs are clearly still considered a taboo topic. This means that many people don’t like to talk about them, which is why a lot of women lack education around the kinds of bras and clothes they can wear to make them feel confident about their chest.

This is why Hari Beavis started an online community for people with boobs to share styling tips and talk about common issues or insecurities. The private Instagram account @thebigtittiecommittee has over 70,000 followers. “Growing up with a fuller bust, I felt rubbish about myself and my boobs and I wanted to make sure younger girls don’t feel like that,” Beavis tells Stylist.

Beavis was often asked about the bras and tops she was wearing by the women who follow her personal Instagram account and when she put a story up to see if anyone would be interested in a community dedicated to sharing these kinds of tips and recommendations, she had nearly 600 responses.

As well as sharing styling tips, Beavis also encourages conversations around topics like insecurities around the size and shape of boobs and nipples, cellulite and stretch marks. “It’s great to be able to connect women who are having similar experiences or insecurities and many friendships have been formed from the community,” Beavis says.

One of the great things about Beavis’s styling tips for people with bigger busts is that she always encourages her followers to feel confident about their bodies, rather than encouraging them to hide or minimise themselves and their boobs. Here, she shares three tips for people who have bigger boobs and can’t find clothes that make you feel good about them.

Get fitted twice a year

One of the most important parts of making sure you feel comfortable and confident about how your boobs look when you’re wearing clothes is having a bra that fits you properly. So Beavis’s first tip is to get measured twice a year. “Our bodies are changing all the time and it’s actually a good thing to have different size bras for different times of the month,” Beavis says, explaining that you might have wear a different bra size at different points of your menstrual cycle, for example.

Most lingerie shops offer free bra fittings and shops including Bravissimo offer sight-fittings, meaning you’ll be able to get fitted without being touched by the people who work there. Or you could even try a digital fitting.

It’s also important to remember that all bras aren’t made equally, so you might wear one size in a particular lingerie brand and a different size in another one, so it makes sense to get measured at each shop you’re planning on buying from.

Size up when buying tops

When buying tops, you might think that it makes sense to buy what you deem to be your regular clothing size, but Beavis explains that, for people with bigger boobs, this might make certain tops feel too tight or uncomfortable. Because of this, she always recommends sizing up when buying tops, particularly tight-fitting styles. On top of that, you should always try things on and experiment with different sizes rather than guessing which size will probably fit you because, as you’ve probably realised, clothing sizes vary hugely between different brands.

Show off your decolletage

The area around your chest is very important when it comes to styling and Beavis explains that tops that show off your decolletage are very flattering. “Sweetheart necklines, anything v-neck or something with a plunge neckline looks great,” she says. She also recommends strapless tops and dresses.

Beavis stresses that you shouldn’t feel like you need to cover up because you have big boobs. In fact, you should show them off if it makes you feel confident and sexy. Although it’s important to remember that there’s nothing inherently sexual about boobs and showing them off doesn’t have to be something that’s related to sex appeal whatsoever if you don’t want it to be.

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