Man gets utterly rinsed for 'tacky as hell' Taylor Swift tattoo with trolls saying it's an 'unhealthy obsession' | The Sun
4th August 2023

A TAYLOR Swift fan has been utterly rinsed for his huge back tattoo, which trolls say is beyond tacky.

The inking takes up almost all of the man's back, leaving some people impressed by others wondering what on earth he was thinking.

The tattoo itself is of all of the A-listers albums, including the tack list and release date for each one.

A snap of the design was recently shared on Facebook, alongside the caption: "I may not like Taylor Swift, but I think this is just too much for a fan of anything. What happens when they run out of space??"

It's not just the album names and songs the dedicated Swifty has got etched into his skin though – he also has the star's name in huge letters at the top of it all.

Maybe the tattoo artist should've said no when the bloke explained the idea, which features a different font for each album and some very wonky lines.


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The man got trolled not just for the style of the tattoo, but for not leaving room for her other albums, leaving many wondering if he decided to get her five other albums inked anywhere else.

Some Taylor Swift fans even chimed in, saying the tattoo was a step too far.

One said: "I love love love Taylor Swift and even have a tattoo for one of her songs, but this I would never do."

"Now that’s an unhealthy my opinion. kind of creepy," a second slammed

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"She’s released 5 albums since 1989 lol so yeah I assume this person either stopped or has some interesting ass tattoos," another joked.

A third commented: "I love Taylor and I have 4 tattoos for her but this is too much. Simple and small are the best."

Meanwhile, other fans pointed out that the songstress is the process of re-recording some of her albums and is adding new vault tracks to each one, so there really isn't any more room in the design.

"Why couldn't he just get his favourite lyric or something? This is so extreme," someone slammed.

But some people were impressed by the fan's love of the singer.

One said: "Well that's dedication right there… hope they got tickets to her world tour."

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