Love Island’s Chloe & Toby are like grandparents but Liam & Millie have sexual chemistry, claims body language expert
24th August 2021

THE FINAL episode of season seven's Love Island has come around and the couples have left the villa.

This year Millie and Liam were crowned the winners, following on from past couples Paige Turley and Finn Tapp, Greg O'Shea and Amber Gill and Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer.

As this year's Love Island contestants begin to enjoy their new found fame, fans will be looking to see which of the couples make it outside of the villa and which one's don't.

And body language expert Adrianne Carter shares her predictions on which couples will stay together and which will break up.

Liam and Millie

The most genuinely into each other out of all four couples.  There is lots of genuine affection displayed and sexual chemistry.  They look very comfortable being very close together and it's not awkward in any way or doesn't seem staged.

During the Declaration of Love – They were the couple that seemed the most comfortable with this task and genuinely talked about their feelings.  

9.5/10 chance they'll stay a couple after the show.

Kaz and Tyler

We hear Tyler say it's all a competition during the salsa dancing lesson and I think this couple is very staged and although there is some affection it doesn't come across as genuine, it's part of the show.

During the Declaration of Love – both seem restrained in their declarations and Tyler's delivery is quite mechanical. 

4/10 chance they'll stay a couple out of the show.

Chloe and Toby

We see this couple kiss a couple of times during the show on the last day and the kisses are very revealing. The first one when he brings her coffee in bed is a quick peck like you might give a grandparent (particularly from her) and again during the Declaration of Love – the kiss is just not showing any chemistry at all. 

During the Declaration of Love when Toby says "love" in his speech we see Chloe show a high level of surprise, and a nose wrinkling of dislike when he talks about their "future together".  

1/10 chance they'll stay a couple out of the show.

Faye and Teddy

I think Teddy may genuinely have some feelings for Faye but I'm not sure they are fully reciprocated.  She seems to be holding back – even in this picture below, we see her physically pulling away from him.

During the Declaration of Love – Faye is genuinely upset but is it at herself and her behaviour or how Teddy made her feel… but it was all about her.  

5/10 chance they'll stay a couple out of the show.

Plus Lillie left FURIOUS that cheating Liam and Millie won Love Island 2021.

And, did you notice Millie's bizarre response to 'split or steal' question.

Meanwhile Olivia Attwood says there is a SECRET third villa viewers don't get to see.


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