Loewe is selling £475 trainers that look exactly like elf shoes… and they’re jolly ridiculous
5th December 2018

You can now buy a pair of bizarre designer trainers that have curly toes just like Santa’s little’s helpers.

  • Loewe suede trainers, £475 from My Theresa – buy now

Wear the baffling boots and you'll be a definite shoe-in for a job helping Santa with his wrapping but they could break the bank.

Loewe's burgundy-tone sneakers cost a staggering £475, which is a steep price to pay to look like an elf.

The shoes were actually inspired by a pair of Moroccan slippers that designer Jonathan Anderson once owned.

The website description says: “The elf-like design is immediately playful and comes with suede panelling, leather trims, and white contrast lacing.

“Soft padding at the ankles ensure this high-top design is comfortable from toe to heel.

“Show yours off along with printed miniskirts and downtime denim alike.”

The shoes are made from leather and come in the Christmassy colour of brick red.

So will you be putting them on your wish list this year?

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