Local Eclectic Launches ‘Birth Flower’ Jewelry
7th January 2021

Local Eclectic, the female-founded, female-run jewelry site, has launched a collection of accessible 14-karat yellow gold vermeil plated baubles for the new year.

Since its inception in 2013 by founder Alexis Nido-Russo, the company has focused on becoming a platform for independent and emerging labels while carving out its own offering of accessible styles. This month, Nido-Russo has debuted a new “Birth Flower” line, which sits withing her “For You, With Love,” label and includes 12 individual designs depicting flowers that correlate to birth months. Featured on earrings ($42), signet rings ($62) and pendant necklaces ($59), each flower, like a birthstone, represents a unique meaning and is “believed to represent personality traits of people with birthdays in each given month.”

Local Eclectic’s ‘Birth Flower’ Necklaces Local Eclectic

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