Kim Kardashian Looks Like One Of ‘The Incredibles’ In Flaming Red & Black Bodysuit
14th April 2022

Kim Kardashian made quite the statement when she wore a skintight flame top tucked into a red skirt with bright red boots & oversized sunglasses in LA.

Kim Kardashian is always taking risks when it comes to her outfits and that’s exactly what she did when she was out in LA on April 13. The 41-year-old resembled one of The Incredibles when she wore a tight black turtleneck top covered in a bright flame pattern. She tucked the top into a high-waisted red skirt and added tight red pant boots.

Kim’s red leather wrapt skirt cinched in her tiny waist and had a massive slit on the front revealing her red pointed-toe boot leggings. She accessorized her look with massive, oversized black Balenciaga Fluffy Sunglasses and a black Balenciaga Faux Fur Everyday Tote.

Kim has been on a roll with her outfits lately and just the other day she wore a plunging, white silk dress that was completely cut out. She posted a slew of photos with the caption, “Love me for me, ok?” as she posed in the tight dress.

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Kim wore the white strapless Stephen Sprouse Spring/Summer 1998 Ready-to-Wear Dress that had an open back that ended just below her butt. The front of the dress had a plunging neckline that revealed ample cleavage, while the sides of the dress had massive cutouts, showing off her tiny waist.

Aside from these looks, Kim wore another gorgeous cutout outfit when she posted a slideshow of photos to Instagram wearing a pair of tight Ludovic De Saint Sernin Spring/Summer 2022 Ready-to-Wear Unraveling Lace Up Jeans that were cut up on the front and back, leaving just threads behind.

Kim styled the pants with a strapless purple No Sesso Crocodile Armour Corset top that had an extremely low square neckline, revealing ample cleavage.

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