Kerry King reveals what the Universe has in store for you this week… according to Tarot
9th December 2018

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here's her predictions for YOUR star sign…

Aries (Eight of Cups, Five of Wands, The Tower)

When we’re embroiled with the Five of Wands it means that we’re at odds with others, our incompatibility makes life difficult for everyone (this kind of sitch usually unfolds at work, where you can’t escape individuals…).

And, this week, things might come to a head. The Tower is a powerful card about blow-ups, drama, new insights which shock (but also galvanise) us, and the final solution to issues which have dragged on long enough.

So, brace yourself (although you’re not scared of confrontation anyway, and actually would like to see some action here).

The Eight of Cups hints that this row may actually precede a departure of some kind- maybe you, them, or both of you!

Maybe even the catalyst or root cause of the unrest between you.

Get some distance and objectivity here, so that you can assess things dispassionately and plan a sensible course of action for yourself.

Don’t be drawn into emotional waters. Steer clear of the mess, and move along. This will all turn out to be for the best, you know.

Taurus (King of Swords, Judgment, Four of Coins)

The Four of Coins is a CLASSIC Taurean card, as it represents stubbornness.

Sticking with “better the Devil you know” even when you KNOW it’s not better than anything (other than perhaps a special corner of Hell reserved for Taureans who never change their mind!).

The King of Swords asks you to get your head up and look further ahead, see where this current trajectory is really taking you, because if you don’t change course then THAT is your destination.

And, you CAN change course you know.

No one is watching, judging or taking notes on your decisions and plans. It’s only down to you.

Judgement suggests that the best is yet to come, there’s nothing you need to cling on to because you’re about to get some magical second chances, and ones you’ll appreciate all the more because you took a risk to get there.

Don’t stay someplace miserable. Have faith that there’s better and different out there for you…

Gemini (Six of Cups, King of Cups, Knight of Cups)

Gemmy you’re a saucy minx sometimes, especially as the festive party season starts to kick in and there’s an excuse to “socialise” every night.

You’re a natural-born flirt, and a confirmed “best option” seeker. Now, be careful please!

The King, Knight and Six of Cups all sweep into your life to hint that someone from your past may well spring back into the present this week, maybe via social media, a chance meeting or a seasonal reunion.

You’ll quickly remember why you got on so well and, dare I say, the chemistry could start to simmer.

That is ALL well and good for single Gemmys… but, those with a partner, please remember your wits and common sense (and conscience).

It’s easy to think the grass is greener elsewhere, or to get lost somewhere down Memory Lane… but don’t do anything to jeopardise your current world (unless, of course, you’re seeking a way out). Play nice, smile, hug… and then remember where your home is!

Cancer (Seven of Wands, The Magician, Justice)

There’s an opportunity to progress and start something new, exciting and possibly also lucrative this week, as shown by (my favourite card) The Magician.

It’s something you’re good at, enjoy, and comes naturally to you. It’s something you COULD make money from…

The Seven of Wands shows there is a lot of competition in this field, and you may think “why bother”, but please don’t give up.

Justice is also here to bless any venture you start with good fortune and, as long as you play nice and do your best, the world will notice your talents and rewards will follow.

Remember to dot all your I’s and cross your T’s.

Do this properly, don’t cut corners, don’t “half ass” it.

If you want to start a money-spinning side line, doing something you love doing anyway, then, Cancer, this IS the week to make that start.

Leo (Ten of Cups, Knight of Wands, Six of Cups)

A trio of “fun” cards this week so revel in revelling, adventuring and partying- the Universe says you can come out to play all you like, all week!

Travel and exploration are on the cards with the feisty and fun Knight of Wands.

He wants you to try new things, places (and people…).

The Six of Cups brings playfulness and even nostalgia to the party. You can act like a big kid if you like.

You can hook up with old pals or school friends. You can restore things you used to love doing back into your life.

The Ten of Cups also hints that romance is in the air- be it a cosy time with your other half, a surprise new BAE, or a burst of passion for something you discover in this social week of pleasure-seeking.

I’m jealous. Can I come out to play, too?

Virgo (King of Wands, The Emperor, King of Coins)

Interesting cards, and I will put forward two possible interpretations, and you can take your pick!

Firstly, the Kings of Coins and Wands may hint that you’ve got competing suitors in your life right now and you’re torn between them.

One is steady and reliable, one is feisty and dynamic.

They each have equal merit (and flaws). It’s time to decide and commit one way or the other.

The Emperor puts you in the position of power here, but you must make a choice.

Letting this drift along, playing both sides, could mean you lose both of them…
Secondly, this card trio may indicate a situation (rather than a person) that you’re torn over.

There’s a head vs heart factor here. You’re weighing up a sensible, “looks right on paper” course of action against something which you have a heartfelt yearning to do.

Maybe money feels too tight, or it’s frivolous or bad timing.

Virgo, that Emperor card puts you in control. You CAN manifest what you desire, with focus and intent.

Don’t be put off. Take the pathway which inspires you.

Libra (The Moon, Three of Swords, Four of Swords)

Someone has done you wrong. The Three of Swords is a spiky card about relationship turmoil, pain and betrayal.

Now, fret not, this may very well be something in the past.

The Four of Swords hints that there is distance now, between you and “it”… but some of those hurtful emotions are “sticky” and have lingered – grief, anger, guilt, regret, shame.

The Moon is a powerful card about illusion and anxiety and sweeps in to cast a totally new light on what happened.

Maybe you’ll figure out a missing piece of the puzzle, as to why what happened did so.

Maybe you’ll learn something new which, with hindsight, puts a new slant on things.

Either way, all of this will help you process this upsetting event and its echoes in your life, finally helping you to put it away where it no longer bothers you.

What hurts us often ends up becoming a valuable “life lesson”, and this is no different.

Scorpio  (Nine of Wands, Seven of Cups, Knight of Cups)

You’re full of ideas this week, Scorpio. A bright spark emerges, as shown by the imaginative and creative Seven of Cups.

The danger, though, is that there are just SO MANY ideas you don’t end up prioritising the good ones and doing something with them.

The Knight of Cups hints that all this brain activity is focused on your loved ones.

You’re brewing some festive surprises, gifts and activities which you know will put a smile on their faces.

You’re an incredibly loyal person, to those you love, and would move heaven and earth to make family happy.

The key as to what to focus on is hinted at by the Nine of Wands.

Oddly, it says to pick the activity which looks the hardest, the most difficult, with the most effort required.

Why? Because it’s not HALF as onerous as it seems and achieving it will give you a sense of supreme satisfaction and pride (Scorpio cat nip).

Go make their day.

Sagittarius (Knight of Wands, The Fool, The Star)

You’ve been brewing something new for a few weeks now, reflecting and mulling the ideal course of action and, this week, it’s SHOW TIME!

The Knight of Wands is you at your best; bold, adventurous, inspiring, optimistic.

When you’re like this, you simply cannot fail… so what would you do if you KNEW you couldn’t?

This is THE week to begin manifesting that ambition, as shown by the double blessing of The Fool (new beginnings) and The Star (a wish come true).

Trust me when I tell you that this card combination is a potent good omen for any new venture or endeavour you’ve got on your mind.

Make this a week of fresh starts, bring forward any New Year resolutions, lay the first step in the path to something new.

You can’t fail.

Capricorn (Ten of Coins, Death, Ace of Coins)

Change is afoot! And it’s related to your material world- job, finances, home, possessions, security.

The Ten of Coins shows prosperity and comfort, an accumulation of the good things in life (which is your no.1 goal, Capricorn), so you’re on the right track.

The Ace of Coins shows the renewal of an investment, a new venture, a fresh prospect which you believe could add to your riches.

It starts small, but it grows steadily over time.

Perhaps it’s an investment opportunity, an addition to your existing role at work, a pension upgrade, a training course…

Whatever it is, a Future You will look back on this week and thank you for making this decision.

Death is a powerful major arcana card about transformation.

Its presence hints that, though this endeavour seems low-key and small-fry now, it has the potential to change everything, to transform your life for the better.
Review your material world, Capricorn, and make an investment someplace in it which you can see future potential in – you’ll be so glad you did.

Aquarius (The Hermit, Two of Cups, Four of Cups)

The Four and Two of Cups hint that you’ve lost sight of the positives and reasons you love who you love, right now.

It’s easily done when we’re busy and distracted, and consequently maybe expecting too much of those we rely on.

Your relationships are all good, you know, but you would benefit enormously from remembering and reigniting the spark that drew you together in the first place.

The Hermit suggests a retreat from the world, just you two.

The chemistry and bond can deepen if you give it space and time, and pay some overdue attention to your other half (if you’re single, this can apply to your close friend/s or family too).

Take your relationships seriously, Aquarius, and invest time and effort in them.

I know you’re an independent character, but you’re no island. You need people’s support and love, just like the rest of us.

Pisces (Six of Cups, Seven of Cups, Seven of Wands)

The Seven of Wands hints that you’ve been embroiled in some spats recently – maybe at work, possibly at home.

There is rivalry and competition in the air, and others want the ground you defend. It’s been tiring, and you feel at odds with those who challenge you.

What to do?
The Six and Seven of Cups suggest a new approach this week: kill them with kindness.

It’s what you do best anyway, Pisces!

Whatever they throw at you, smile and make them a cup of tea.

When they glower and sulk, say “you OK hun?”.

If they talk behind your back, buy them a little chocolate bar.

This strategy will completely diffuse their anger, and the situation will collapse to nothing, leaving you free to get on being Top Dog, unhindered by their jealousy. Job done.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at

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