Keep These 5 Things From Your 2018 Wardrobe
11th January 2019

Keep These 5 Things From Your 2018 Wardrobe

New year, new you. I am all for that sentiment. But a “new you” does not necessarily mean you have to rid yourself everything you invested in last year’s wardrobe. There are plenty of items and trends that will serve you as well in 2019 as they did in 2018.

Those “dad sneakers” you bought (and defended to everyone in your family)? They are still street style star-approved. And if you didn’t have a chance (or the budget) to pick up on these other spill-over trends, have no fear. Nordstrom is here! They have endless options at affordable prices of the five biggest trends that we loved so much last year, we’re wearing them again this year.

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