Kate Hudson Brings Golden Globes Glam from Her Living Room in Gorgeous Gown — Get All the Details
1st March 2021

Kate Hudson turned the virtual Golden Globes into a family affair. The nominee for best actress in a motion picture for her role in Music also turned it into her own personal fashion show, pulling out all the fashion stops from the comfort of her own home.

Hudson wore a silk custom Louis Vuitton gown featuring draped sleeves, an embroidered sequin and glass beaded bodice and a belted waisted. She teamed the look with Louis Vuitton sandals and Bulgari jewelry, including diamond snake earrings.

The dress took the team at Louis Vuitton 190 hours to complete and is covered in 4,000 sequins, 4,000 silver glass beads and 2,000 crystals.

"I got my whole family outside and we're celebrating," Hudson said during E!'s Live from the Red Carpet pre-show. "I'm wearing Louis Vuitton and Bulgari did a little snake situation on my ear."

Hudson called the glam process "really fun."

"I realized I haven't done this in a year and a half almost — put a gown on. It was fun for all of us. It's been a long time. There is that moment where you do an awards ceremony and you get in the car and everyone is waving, and there is sort of an adrenaline, and I do feel like that I have a big family we're trying to bring a celebratory feeling to it. I think we should do this more often."

Hudson's hairstylist Lona Vigi said that the retro hair look was meant to offset the '80s vibe of the gown.

"I knew beforehand that the dress was very '80s," Vigi said. "It was going to be off the shoulder, a lot of mirror appliqués on the bodice, but still very chic. I mean, very Kate Hudson. I feel like her and Sophie [Lopez] test the limits and make it fun but keep it streamlined and sexy. The minute I know that a dress comes from a certain era or time period, a memory from a specific time, I try to go in the opposite direction and not lean into that because otherwise it becomes too "costume" looking and I can't stand that! So for hair we went modern, but off the shoulder and relaxed. Because really it's all about the dress. And when it's all about the dress, I feel like it's part of hair and make-up's job to elevate what the client is wearing versus trying to compete with it."

Vigi added, "The un-done but 'done' look and bringing that a few notches up to a Golden Globes level. The dress was the star, and the hair allowed it to shine."

Hudson promised on Instagram ahead of the broadcast that she was going to "bring some fashion vibes" from her couch.

On Feb. 24, Hudson's stylist Sophie Lopez took part in a roundtable of top Hollywood stylists to discuss the world of virtual styling amid the pandemic, and she admitted that they put the look together on short notice.

"We are going last minute on this one — hopefully we'll have a dress at some point," Lopez shared. "But no, we don't know, we're like an open book right now."

Lopez maintained that she's known Hudson for so long that this last-minute process is not unusual for them.

"We haven't even been doing fittings and that's because I worked for Kate for 10 years," she said. "I wouldn't do that with every client, but with a client that you have one of those relationships with, we generally know each other so well that it doesn't stress me out. I slept fine last night."

As for the perks of styling for a virtual show, Lopez said that it's easier to play around with dressing hacks when events are not in person.

"It's a different way of working," she shard. "We are able to cheat in ways that we couldn't if it was an in-person event. If the fit is not quite right, we can cheat it from the back. We don't have to worry about people tripping over their hemlines and things like that. So in some ways, you don't have that level of comfort that you would have when you have a fitting, but in other ways it's not the same level of necessity in terms of particular garment and all of that stuff."

And Hudson, 41, knows the importance of a good fit. The multi-hyphenate star recently opened up to PEOPLE about a time when she feared a wardrobe malfunction while sitting next to Prince at the 2005 Golden Globes.

"I wore this Versace dress to the Golden Globes once, and I couldn't sit down because the dress would have split," she shared. "And I was next to Prince. I was trying, but I was sideways the whole time. He just thought it was so funny.

Hudson is no stranger to the Golden Globes red carpet. In 2001, she hit the red carpet in a effortless black satin slip gown that seemed to embody her laid-back California-girl spirit. It also appeared to be a style nod to the character Penny Lane she played in Almost Famous, which earned her the Globe for supporting actress that year.

This year, she's nominated once again, and told told PEOPLE that her partner Danny Fujikawa was the one to wake her up with the exciting news.

"Danny woke me up and was like, 'Honey, were you nominated?' And I was like, 'What? No, no,'" she shared. "And then I went in my phone, and everybody was so excited. I felt like a little girl."

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