I’ve got a back-to-front BUM – people always ask to see it, I don’t care… I’m a ‘big bellied goddess’
15th November 2021

A BODY-POSITIVE woman took to TikTok to show how proud she was of her curves despite those who disapproved of her looks.

The woman, who goes by Hexsii on social media, championed the "big girl movement" and proudly displayed her figure online.

In the video the influencer can be seen wearing shorts and a strappy top and lip-syncing to the song Face Off by Dwayne Johnson.

She captioned the short clip with: "How do you have no butt?"

In another video the woman explained that her message was important as it showed other women that it was ok to be happy in the body that they are in.

The post gathered almost 150k likes and more than six thousand comments.

Plenty of fans were impressed by the woman's message and applauded her bravery.

One said: "The fact she's being humorous speaks volumes about her character.I'm here for it hunny. YESSSSSS."

While another said: "It's easy to spot the strong woman. They're the ones lifting each other up, NOT tearing each other down."

And a third said: "I honestly don't see anything wrong with her. She's absolutely beautiful and there's nothing to be ashamed of. She's perfect the way she is!"

But not everyone agreed that this was a good message.

One person said: "One thing to be confident, which is always amazing. But to not care about lifespan is another. I hope you take better care of yourself, for yourself."


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